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Let's see let's see we talked a little bit on uh security now about the largest de dos attack ever first it was get hub 13 tara bits per second and amplified meme cash attack and then lovie h ann arbor shortly thereafter a similar attack udp port eleven thousand two hundred eleven of one point seven terabytes and this is all because of a flaw in the meme cash protocol which should never be a lap pointed to the public but because it was on many machines or miss configured many many many machines or miss configured uh people were able to send a ping to the meme cash and get it to flood of the the target with a lot of information so these amplification techs are powerful because you don't have to have one point three or one point seven terabytes outbound traffic you don't have to have a giant botnets to take over the style who is hit these men cash servers enough who would small winner to bites and they'll send out thousands of bites oh man expert on uh from his burt arc our friends a cloud flare who are of course sponsors a of our shows and and longtime prince point out that really the issue though isn't merely ms configure meme cash it is ip spoofing and this is why you steve gibson's been talking about this forever uh if if you can fake your ip address it's very difficult to stop these kinds of attacks and really it's ultimately going to come down to uh in my opinion networks saying you you know you can't come out of my network with the fake ip address.

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