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Doesn't. And so this is the part of the podcast where I just do want to show some love to some people who have been extremely impressive. The Yankees are going on this winning streak, by the way. And the Orioles are not, you know, top level upper Echelon competition. I understand that. But it's not easy to pitch to a major league team. The Orioles hit, the Orioles hit the rays all weekend long. They lost those games because the bullpen and the rotation are both terrible. And the rays came back in the later innings repeatedly, but the Orioles Homer, like everybody else. The Orioles have major league hitters, the orals have Cedric Mullins who's having one of the best offensive seasons in baseball. The Yankees pitching staff without Garrett Cole, Jordan Montgomery and Domingo Hermann, were able to shut them down this week. They had to go with Luis heel who deserves all the credit in the world and has yet to allow an earned run in two starts in his major league career. The Iggy had to do with Nestor Cortez junior, the Yankees had to do it with a full bullpen game against the Seattle Mariners who are in the wild card race right behind them. A game started by wandy Peralta. They had to do with androgyny, who we've shown a lot of hate two through two starts, but who gave up four runs through two innings and then ended up going 6 innings on Saturday and game where the team desperately needed him to. I believe 9 strikeouts, overall a fine start. The Orioles say what you will about him, they can hit, you can't say the same like you can't get angry and discount the Mariners games. The Mariners have battled all year long, even when their front office tried to dissect them and turn them apart and trade their closer to a division rival. That's a wild card contender. That's a team right behind you in the standings and a split would have left these two teams basically even up. The beat them without their offensive full capacity. The Mariners have a good bullpen, a good solid young offense, a good rotation that you took three out of four with very inferior pitching options on the table. So I don't want to hear it about the Orioles really, but I definitely don't want to hear it about the Mariners. And you got to give Louis heel, again, two shutouts to start his major league career coming off a bad start at the triple-A level. He looks uniquely poised. He spins that fastball. We were talking about the other day in much the same way that Garrett Cole does. It's very interesting. Stephen writings and clay Holmes in the 6th and 7th innings of these games, I already trust both of these people. Obviously, in close games, relievers are going to have trouble on occasion. They have done nothing to prove to me that they don't deserve to be trusted. Heel ridings and homes have all shown me more than something. They are arms I already trust to lengthen the rotation and deep in the pen..

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