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Apps so you can take keijo eight ten with you wherever you go g. twenty summit democrats debate i'm evan haning president trump has arrived in osaka japan amid much speculation over whether he will end the trade war with china correspondent kaitlan collins tells us something else could happen now what they're looking for essentially a truce and what that truth would look like is potentially the u._s. holding off on imposing a new round of tariffs on chinese imported goods in hopes that they can continue to renew these talks maybe establish some kind of new deadline for these talks to continue we'll the first democratic presidential debate found the candidates differing and agreeing on some of the biggest issues facing voters with ten people on the stage the debate that aired on n._b._c. the main goal was to stand out in the crowd but they were all on the same page when it came to the economy senator elizabeth warren has made that a focal point of her campaign when you've got government when you've got an tiny that does great for those with money and isn't doing great for everyone else that is corruption when the conversation turns immigration former hud secretary houlihan castro former congressman bidault aerobic and senator cory booker gave part of their answers in spanish plus the twists in except the candidates for the most part we're in agreement on immigration reform as well not leave their human rights at the border steve kastenbaum the democratic debates in miami immigrant advocates are asking a federal judge to immediately require inspections and lead doctors into border detention facilities where they say sleep deprived flu stricken children are languishing in filthy confinement last weekend's fire at the largest oil refinery on the east coast has shut the facility down for good philadelphia energy solutions has toll pennsylvania's labor department it will discontinue operations on monday and complete the layoff of over a thousand workers within two weeks the company says it's looking into opportunities to restart the complex but can't guarantee.

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