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So the belgradebacked so when we get people well we're now looking at doing maintenance treatment where you come in once or twice a month and just to maintain that improvement that you've got going so you how long improvement maintains is is an issue uh we don't of the studies enough yet showing how to maintain other side effects very very few and much much less than medicine okay and that's gonna be my question it's still a little bit of a confusion to me is that people don't like taking medicine of this has yet what i've read about t amasses it looks very effective in very appealing why is it not more of a first line treatment or is it not becoming that well it really could be a first time i note at because it would wanted to cause people don't like taking medicine because it's actually has fewer sideeffects of madison ghastly safer the medicine there's the insurance companies don't pay for it yet it's more expensive it as an anti issue it it it yes money silvertipped money and we get they could probably save money the long run will be the shirts they will save money in the wrong and we're trying to educate them a a a about that but it takes you know five seconds to take a pill and it's a lot cheaper but whereas coming in for tammist of course the team as treatment is going to be like six we do thirty forty treatments over course a six to eight weeks and so it adds up in it's a time commitment but.

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