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There's a zillion things you could've done there besides beat Ali the. In, we protect Shelton Benjamin at the expense of all. Lee and he's probably going to beat Shelton at some point that he can't keep going fifty fifty with everyone all the time. Especially somebody. You're going to try to make a project out of maybe possibly for about the million time here in the last year. and. There's plenty more, but we're getting close to break saw. Hold that thought spokesperson says the illegal things there will be no satisfying. Follow up to this Oscar Sasha match I've seen people defending it claiming Oscar will get her revenge. I'm sure she'll get some sort of revenge. Maybe she'll win the belt you know. Maybe she'll blow missed and cost Bailey. The belt against against Nikki Cross, but so, what friend got retired? Wow. She wins a belt back and she lost an account out. Back in the moment observer life. I don't even recognize myself anymore. I'm really worried about him. Is Addiction. I haven't seen them like this. Ever. I never wanted to start using I knew the drill, but was out of options. I JUST WANNA. Tell them it's not your fault. There are people.

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