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Pep boys elsewhere chelsea could result them at stamford bridge at three. Zero victory over ran put very much in the driving seat to qualify for the knockout stages team verner with a brace. Tommy abraham getting the third. Frank leboeuf et on this game. Frank chelsea get it done three points move on lovely exactly nothing much to say. Because he's very hard to to say what so we really feel about the game. Dow two teams behave because of referring refers decision which was which was quite right. You know about the penalty and maybe the red card but what about the handball of zuma the question that we have to ask him but overall you just see did what they had to do even if they are to face a good run for like twenty twenty five minutes but it's funny to see that we thought the chelsea was show what they thought capable of doing offensively when in fact they're showing us solidity defense and with the fantastic duo mandy were made again a fantastic save and also always a box of moosh musha. There's the very solid altogether and it's funny because we were all expecting to see doodle. Many many goals and talents in the in the in full lines which is more right. Now defensively though. I'm very pleased with chelsea. I'm surprised you agree with the referee. That second penalty is harsh words and they will do leg onto his hand. That's tough yet but that doesn't exist anymore. It doesn't matter if you touch another part of your body. It was like before september now. Eight matt doesn't matter in the sixteen box if the ball touches your your hand in hand handball. But it was a case for zuma and the ready didn't go to the var didn't wasn't called by the or it's very strange but otherwise there's nothing much to say but a penalty against ren and that's only normal so you expect when you take a look at group chelsea and severe top of the table so if you're out to work hard by the way you know that if they were to nail down they came out to krasnodar by three goals to two. Bruce feldman go toba group after offered a three victory against the club. Brugge shocked by with us. Reflect.

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