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And he does have a level of emotional intelligence that I think gets him in trouble when he isn't a bad mood because he pushes too hard on that button. But when he is not in a bad mood. He he is able to be Kate up. We're all just one big happy family. You know, we're just we're all working toward the same goal. And I think that everything's going to be fine. And who was like, yeah. Everything's gonna be fine. And so rookie is able to keep himself safe this week despite Tom really wanting to maybe maybe make a move here on him. Ryan and Joey in the meantime, they wanna start a counter alliance. They need to they need to do something they're realizing they caught Tom and Kato and Lolo and Natalie in a meeting, and they're like, oh, those four a working together, we need to do something about this and K mart who still mad at Ricky is like, hey, Ricky's involved too. And they're like is he though because we feel like we can bring him in. He seems like a cool guy. And so they if if that contra lines ever actually amounted to anything they wanted to bring Ricky, and and so that's why mentioning Ricky has to Ricky tries to do more damage control with Tom Lolo lets him know, some of the pain points that Tom is talking about when Tom says that Ricky is a big threat, and that maybe they should target him in particular, this idea of naming the alliance so Ricky does go, and he says to Tomei your creative guy just want you to make the aligns name. And so. It's it appeared that that works. Tom afterward was like, hey, Ricky such a great guy. He said, he always creative. He wants to work with us. I'm all about Ricky. Now, however, either he was. Faking that or things reverted back to how he previously felt because Ryan will leave Tom will win H O H and Tom will now want to go back to his idea of maybe we should target Ricky, maybe we should Ricky wants Joey gone this week. But he does not know at the time that that he is the main course for Tom Cato is going to push back on the idea for a while. But but Lolo is going to be really sketchy. She's gonna talk. She's gonna long conversation with Joey it, really sketches Kato out and so- Kato. Finally goes, you know, what? All right. We can. We can get Ricky out. If that's what you want, Tom. We can do it. So so Tom decides. All right. Well, there's a there's a this weird power. That was talked about why don't we do some murder mystery? And that that can be kind of some cover for like, hey, well, I need to target Ricky what if he has the power so Tom wants to do some murder mystery this, of course, leads to the taymor blow up of your threatening. May why are you threaten me? Don't look like that on TV Tom. That's not a good look. And you know, Ricky, by the way advised him against murder mysteries. Like, I don't think. That's a good idea. Like taymor might blow up on you. And thomas. I can handle people blowing up on me. Tom how naive you're? So Tom is eventually gonna pitch this back door Ricky idea to the women and the women will not hear of it. They would rather blow up the alliance before they turn on Ricky, very very loyal to Ricky heated, a very good job of getting their loyalty and keeping it, and so they they're going to warn Ricky realizes that this point Tom needs to be gone as soon as possible he needs to get Tom out Thomas, just he's so set on him based on that prick conversation. And so Joey is going to go ahead and pitch an anti Tom position here to the women and Ricky who accept it and welcome aboard. All right. Joey, you're against Tom. We're against Tom. Let's work together. And so in the meantime, Ricky does eventually cool. Tom down the women are so against this idea of targeting Ricky that he's he's kind of already like do. I wanna piss the women off Ricky goes to Tom and Kato and has some good converse. Nations with them. And they they're like, you know, what fine..

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