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Or on the WTO P app. It's ten 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s bob imler in the traffic center. In the district checking for the crash reported to be southbound D.C. two 95 near Pennsylvania avenue, but northbound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway be alert afterward 50 and before two O two, it is the car into the Jersey wall. In fact, partly up on the Jersey wall and you're getting by by squeezing slowly to the right, northbound after 50 and well before two O two on the northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway. Be alert coming off of D.C. two 95 and kenilworth avenue, getting on to the BW Parkway traffic there does come to a stop. North of the beltway on both 95 and the BW Parkway, you're good to go. Clear sailing on 50 out to the bay bridge and all's quiet on two 70 in both directions may have a problem though on three 70 eastbound at two 70. Believe we may have a crash over top of two 70 there on eastbound three 70. Around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia traffic is running well, Virginia side, three 95 and 95 running well as far south as Fredericksburg, but farther south, 95 southbound, all lanes blocked before actually one O four Carmel church with a crash, all lanes blocked at very long delays. That's the self divert at thornburg or at ladysmith. 66, that is in great shape both ways. Bob Edwin traffic Now storm team four is Mike. There's a floodwater effect until two in the afternoon on Saturday that does not include the southern suburbs

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