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Lot American presidents are greeted with protests around the world. It's important to remember big wonderful diverse liberal London doesn't like Donald Trump at all. But Britain as a whole, they do a lot of them was four Brexit. The British exit from the European Union from the beginning, and he has a lot of popularity around the country. So you'll see the protests, but you won't see the genuine support that President Trump had ABC's Terry Moran in London. Hundreds turned out in Virginia Beach Virginia to remember, the twelve people shot to death on Friday. Authorities have not identified the gunman. Investigators say the killer had resigned by Email hours before the rampage. Have anything additional on a motive or now interviewing co workers, witnesses family members anyone holds step forward. Police chief James severa weapons were obtained legally everything was done in a legal manner by this individual wither permitting. Search was to resume Monday in India for eight mountain nears, two of them Americans who went missing while attempting to scale, a previously unclaimed, and unnamed Twenty-one thousand foot peak near India's second highest mountain groups disappearance comes amid growing concerns in the Himalayas with overcrowding on Mount Everest, and a rush of inexperienced climbers a record eleven people have died on the world's tallest mountain so far this season. And officials say the area where this group is missing is five times, deadlier than Everest ABC's MARCY Gonzalez, a court in Baghdad sentenced to French citizens to death for being members of his Llamas state in Iraqi judicial official says one of them said just last week that he was subjected to torture, while the tained, California water officials say Sierra Nevada snowpack this spring is even larger than it was in twenty seventeen snowpack that year he'll pull the state out of the five year drought. You're listening to ABC news. Are you more than ten thousand dollars.

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