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Bay. Whitening. Thinks he's lightning radio. Letting radio pregame report rolls along. We're getting you set for the Lightning and the Blackhawks that The Bulls have earned points in 21 of their last 22 games overall against Chicago. They've gone 18 1 of the three since the start of the 2010 11 season. Other 8 86 point percentage over that stretches their highs to get any NHL opponent that is impressive. What's also impressive is what happened on this Steven Stamkos school on Tuesday night a lot after that pocket, the right circle battling Fox and Lightning. Hold it in caloric, right circle. A point ahead, man. Little past comes to point High slot point. Let's go to Stamkos. Center Point had been left to go, Stanko shoot! Stop! Scared goes the power play goal. And for Victor Hedman that is his 5/100 NHL regular season 0.31 Lightning. A mission on the call and head. He becomes the fifth Bowl and first defenseman to reach that milestone, and he said afterwards the achievement was special because it happened on a stamp coast goal. Good things happen when you try to find 91 for one timer, that a lot of good looks in a power play. I've got some some time and it feels like it was just a matter of time before we scored. And, you know, it was a good play by point of first law and get the stand. We'll give it to me and get it straight back to and so heavy shot and that means going on it for for a long time. You know, Ganz are milestones so, but it means lots, obviously even more special, But it's just what with my team and Hopefully, you know, many more to come. You know it. Z one of those things that you don't really pay attention to it until it's close. And it's just one of those things that you know. I put pressure on myself. Like I said before, to be one of those guys that produce offensively and looking at last game. It sounds like it wasn't gonna be from a goal. So it's a good thing of past the park today. You know it zambo things that you know it's just instinct and like I said, hopefully it's a lot more to come. All right. That's Victor Hedman from the other night talking about his 5/100 career points this season of the bolts light the lamp it home. It means more than the final score for every lighting home. Gold Mosaic will want to get donate $500 the feeding Tampa Bay. It's local food bank partners. And for every lighting hat trick at home music will donate 5000. Thank you for helping in the fight against hunger. Let's bring in our lighting Reporter broadcaster Good friend Kayleigh Chelios, Kaylie. Great to be with you again and as you kind of reflect a bit here. Have to base played 28 games so far this year midway through this season, what has stood out for you when it comes to this lighting team? I think you know, A lot of what stands out is their hunger. You know, as Julian breeze, what talked about there's no complacency in their game and to me, I think a big part of that is obviously this group is special. They want to cut together and brought back pretty much the same team. But their leadership group. I think they have to lean on players like Pat Maroon and Victor had been Steven Stamkos, of course, and you know different players like circuit Kev's and Brayden point players who also lead on the ice and to me, I think that's what's been what's allowed them to Play with the consistency they have and not allow, you know losses to turn into 234 game losses and a great example of that. I asked Derek Milan today, you know, just about what he's seen from the group and He said. A lot of it obviously, with covert. They have to learn through video and film and especially in condensed schedules where you don't have practice times. You have to learn through film. And he said, you know, Sunday, they lost to Nashville 4 to 1 and gave up more turnovers. And they had all season long and then they come back and win in the shoot. Shoot out. Against Dallas, and they had one of their best periods and gave up the fewest amount of turnovers. They had all season long and that was overnight. So I think that speaks to the hunger that compete and the leadership group's ability to keep this this team and check Haley. It's a big game for both teams. I think what you're playing a 56 game schedule against divisional foes. Only every game is important, but you get the sense. This is a bigger game for Chicago because of where they are the standings. For sure. Chicago is going through a little bit of a rough patch here and, you know, maybe consistency for them is something that you know they haven't been able to come by all season. So I think this game's always fun. It's like John Cooper said this morning. You never know what you're going to get. The Lightning were trailing three Nothing in their last meeting and came back and won 63 with three power play goals. So Anything can happen. But one thing you know, this is a big test for the lightning. Defensively. I think more than some of the teams they face in this division. Chicago has the speed the skill. You know, the Patrick Kane's to bring kits. They're a different level of elites and skill on the way they're playing this season that other teams that they've played have not possessed, so it's a big test for them and how they can manage the puck defensively. Yeah, The great job is always will talk to get during our first initial report. All right. Thanks, Greg. All right, that is Kaylie Chelios. Right there. Hey. The Raptors are playing the second half the season at Amalie Arena. Don't miss what may be your only chance to see wrapped her basketball in Tampa Bay. Great seats still remained for games against the Jazz. Let's get some more. 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