Tom Brady, Aaron Goldhammer, Bob Bucher discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Cowboys seven seconds left. Good staff. The spot. Here's the kick by sucker. Is it good? It is wf us in Tampa on the call. There. The Buccaneers kick a 36 yard field goal with less than 10. Seconds to play. They survived against the Cowboys. Final score. 31 to 29. What else did you expect? Tom Brady leading a game winning drive Cowboys kick that field goal to go ahead with Buck 30 left in the game? Yeah. 90 seconds. Yeah, they gave more that they can handle and I've actually got more in that game coming up an extra points at 7 45 this morning of high stuff. Tampa Bay. Even if they they they played one of their worst games last night and still find a way to win. So how could you pick against them when they played their best game? It's going to be a tricky thing to do all season long couple other notes here. Other games happening in the NFL this weekend, especially around the NFC North Vikings visiting the Bengals, Lions hosting the Niners and the Bears visiting the Rams. And finally in baseball. The Brewers there in Cleveland tonight, starting a three game weekend series against the Indians. Not much to complain about right now for president of baseball operations. David Sir, It's been a really nice stretch for us. We're Just finishing up a 16 game. Stretch with no off days, which this time of year is pretty challenging, and Passing on a group and to come out of that. With a good run and increasingly in division. We're certainly pleased with how we're playing coverage of tonight's game here on WTMJ starts at 5 35. And then later this morning Jean in Brewer's 3 60. We're going to chat with one of our teammates from ESPN. Cleveland about what Bob Bucher means to that city and that fan base because we know what you can means to us here in the state of Wisconsin uses civic treasure, right? We understand that and we're so fortunate to have him behind the mic. But What did his role in Major league mean to Cleveland baseball fans will chat that up with Aaron Goldhammer, a teammate from ESPN, Cleveland at 8 15. It's 5 18 in 2000,.

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