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Ten thousand dollars that's twenty grand and that's the g b ice portion of the reward no word yet on air for how the remaining one hundred and ten thousand will be distributed michelle wright wsb wsb news time warmer one wsb meteorologist kirk mellish calling for rain amy all day long atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is straight ahead deputies say to manner in custody a third on the run after they stabbed seventyfouryearold albert demag mustoe to of about two thirty a m friday in fayette county his wife says three men demanded cash and jewellery and stole the fan was lexus 22yearold jeffrey as and 21yearold caving on tooks are in the fayette county jail i i this is w s the 24 hour continuing new caused housing residence at north west london england are upset that they're going to be evacuated over fire safety concerns authorities worry the quieting caused the disaster with the glenn grim fall tower and they think like other public housing might have the same guy to fire a problem with the exterior covering wsb's top national story the remnants of tropical storm cindy are now moving through parts of west virginia and pennsylvania more on that from national weather service meteorologist michael mosher according to shift up and towards the fi philadelphia new york city for saturday morning but this will quickly move offshore wsb meteorologist kirk mellish says those remnants of cindy should andrea problem for metro atlanta of struggling north georgia newspaper is out of business after his editor went to jail for pushing for records about how judge brenda weaver spent public money the tiny weekly the famine focus is gone and publisher marc thomason gone into construction businesses bolder advertising dollars wsb sports the braves beat the brewers five two four wsb news time 102 summer.

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