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Get the saying off to the right shoulder, but seeing brake lights right around Whipple on north one zero one your next update six fifty eight on the traffic leader, KCBS Phyllis chick immense Sleepworld, six day forecast for you. Darren pack is in the KPI x five weather center this morning. In west that means low clouds are going to hang around for the morning. But the burn off by the time we get out eleven o'clock this morning. And then we warm right back up to average maybe a little bit warmer than we were yesterday. That means it will be in the mid eighties. For inland locations today, low to mid seventies for the bay and the coast does not get out of the sixties. No surprise here. The clouds are not going to be clearing at the coast, they haven't for the last several days. All right. The headline in the forecast is the warm up for Tuesday and Wednesday. Everybody gets it. But some of us get it a lot more than others in locations. Particularly got us go into the mid nineties for some of the warmer spots places like concord Livermore, but it will be low nineties for most other inland locations, the bay while we warm up, it's going to be mid seventies for most spots. We'll go to the mid eighties for San Jose over Tuesday, and Wednesday. But San Francisco and Oakland coming right about low to mid seventies, and then we'll cool things back down again by the end of the week. I'm KPI X meteorologist, Aaron peck, and that is your KCBS forecast. Traffic and weather together on the eight so an all news one six nine AM seven forty KCBS. It's six fifty. To stand thousands turned out at sonoma's raceway over the weekend to witness some of the most powerful race cars of the last decades compete in the first competition of its kind in northern California KCBS. Jeffrey Schaub reports. Many of these classic high-performance cars are worth worth tens of millions of dollars. Four race car lovers of any age. This was the place to be this car won ten out of eleven races that it competed in. It was the most winning transam car in the whole series. John mcintire owns had raised his nineteen sixty eight Sonoko Camaro championship car. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to be sitting in the seat of such a cool car, Sandra. Macdill seventy six years old and owns it still races. Nineteen sixty two Ferrari two fifty GTO driving all your life. For over thirty years. What do you like that coming to this event? Wonderful. It's more than just a racing.

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