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Leave during the middle of the day, hop on a private plane to skip out on work and then still expect to be paid. What have you heard from your fellow Republican state lawmakers? What's the What's the conversation that's been taking place as you recognize now that there's no quorum and no action to take place on the House floor. Well, we're essentially waiting. We're here in Austin ready to go to work. Uh, and another governor said he'll call as many special sessions as it takes all the way up until January, 2023, which is when the next regular legislative session is scheduled to begin. In order to get the job done, and it's really that simple. You know, this is just about showing up to work and getting the job done for the state of Texas. There are so many items on this special session call that we owe it not just to our constituents but to all Texans to get done. And this is this is such a simple issue, and I don't understand why the Democrats have chosen to not show up for work because they have fled the state before. But it's been over redistricting. As far as I know, this is the very first time in history that they have refused to show up for work over policy policy disagreements, not redistricted. Miss Middleton is a Galveston area Republican representing district 23 in the Texas House. Representative Middleton Thank you very much. Appreciate you having me on today. Thank you. And up next more on day two of the Texas House Democrats in Washington and other developments in this week's political roundup as Houston matters continues. Hi, I'm Kelvin Sampson, head basketball coach at the University of Houston being vaccinated, taking care of yourself, but also looking out for everybody else. We can beat this thing..

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