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Tanglewood Jana Sunday night here in the family thank Jon Heyman for coming aboard in lending some insight to the baseball situation I don't wanna be Debbie Downer I never have been in my entire life I am not so cockeyed optimist then I don't see the forest through the trees but I always do try and look at that situation from an optimistic point of view and glass half full if that's the phrase you want to use to describe it I'm having a real tough time being that guy for baseball and basically any of our sports and it is because of the third player at the table and that's the corona virus it doesn't seem like things are going to cooperate enough to get it started again within the next month any NBA the NHL and Major League Baseball all kind of really need to do just that get their sports started if they're gonna get him finished and baseball's gonna get a whole season in the NBA has got to get a handful of games hockey threw up their hands and said nope that's it we're good will allow a couple of teams were on the cusp of making the playoffs to compete for their way N. will double by in the first round two with eight teams forty two conference but the quote unquote regular season is done this is not good folks we T. curb the the curb going back up this is real bad for sports in any way shape or form and I haven't even gotten into the National Football League because it's baseball football and baseball basketball and hockey that we try to get their seasons up and going the NFL unlike baseball and hockey basketball don't need start July they need to start camps by the end of your life not the first of August and then the biggest joke about the NFL and I've been very complimentary the NFL and how they've gone about their business since the corona virus broke they've been moving forward doing what they can keeping their sport rolling electronically and Bircher Lee through the internet but at some point they actually have to get together at some point they have to join together as a team get into a locker room get out on the field and actually compete and there is no way to do so while social distancing so I had major fears about the National Football League as well I saw a bunch of days we've been kicking around over the last couple hours hour and came to continue to do so we did get off on a little bit of a Colin Kaepernick came didn't and how you handle your business during the national anthem I have you want to continue in that conversation we surely can you make the call get on my lines eight seven seven three three seven six six six six three football fans specifically you get fans many meta will join us coming up at the top of the hour about a half an hour from now now many his age I got him his props you little bit of a controversial writer not everybody loves the coverage that many have gifted cats I do I think he calls it the way he sees it I think he is a writer who's got an opinion any interjects his opinion into its columns there is some beat writers who subscribe to dragnet famous line of doing their job just the facts ma'am and that's what they give you the facts on the game and then you have opinionated beat writers like me who's not afraid to Kerry's opinion and I'm sure he's going to Kerr's opinion with us tonight again on the Jamal Adams situation to get bad you want to get out before many CAD you wanna wait till ministro arrived about a half an hour from now that's cool get to me after one but for those who want to get their point can now do so cleared out most of telephone lines eight seven seven three three seven six six six six before I put my loan caller I do wanna here with you the every statement that we've put out by Bob Wallace okay he just tuning in like me I didn't see it on TV I saw it on Twitter watch my show started and then I I've seen more of it and I did take a call on it my first hour of Bob Wallace African American NASCAR driver found a man that I knew was hanging in his garage today Wallace released this statement on the situation and I wanna ouija Bubba Wallace's statement because I think it's pretty poignant today's despicable act of racism and hatred leave me incredibly saddened and serves a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society and now persistent we must be in the fight against racism over the last several weeks I've been overwhelmed by the support from people across the NASCAR industry including the other drivers and team members in the garage together our sport has made a commitment to driving real change and Campani can't being campaigning a real community that is accepting and welcoming of everyone nothing is more important and we will not be deterred by you this reprehensible act and actions of those who seek to spread hate as my mother told me today they are just trying to scare you this will not break me it will not give I will not give in nor will I be back down I will continue to proudly stand for what I believe it good for Bubba Wallace and as I said to to call brought to my attention last hour I've gotta believe they've got security video if this was in Bubba Wallace's garage we're talking about multi million dollar cars being stored in a garage all the equipment necessary to picked so the cards and keep those cards are ready to race.

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