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Been covering eight years since february oh long live the luke rosiak the daily caller we'll we'll talk to the chairwoman of the seat rana mcdaniel romney about that coming up in just about ten minutes it here i you got gotta hear this this is your new communications director at the white house i'm not going to answer that question because because i just said i was in its final vote what happened of being straight porter i'm tori lee tori lee not answering your question either zaari i've heard of five types today at i care dot laugh what he says that i've whatever to be it's that i had big strayed eib's curry laid out add threeyear cuts our it i i've got more this is this is chris cuomo there from cnn interviewing anthony scaramucci the brand new communications director for the white house and at cnn has tended to do now in the mornings they they let these interviews go on and on and on because they think it's riveting television and boy the ratings are really burying matt out aren't they when you're when you're losing to joe emeka on a regular basis you know you've got some adjusting to do by the way really fast at just a quick aside i got you know joe scarborough is made it known now that he's openly considering running for president and there's plenty of discussion there but here's something that no one has has raised about this whole idea of joe scarborough your president in the state's first lady meeker brzezinski can i just lecce marinated matt for a moment first lady mika anyway scaramucci goes over there with chris cuomo and i kidding you cannot get more new york than this this is more new york than a greasy cheese pizza this is more new york than the stench of urine on the.

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