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When they were talking about like the abilities of the of the what was it the gas whatever the nano bots and everything and they were like it can kill off even specific ethnicities and i was like. Oh jeez but overall i i liked it. I feel like it was a very good conclusion to this very long saga and then care. Forget the death of felix. Yeah that was so sad. It was like he was so desperate but he's just like nam. An just. just leave me. Just go do it you know. Do you think in. And i liked that. They got rid of both of those characters in a way they hadn't really done it before because it made it. So like they can't reboot without creek. Which i think is the right thing to do. They can reboot with a fresh cast. But they can't really bring any of these other cast mates over to the next version. I also like town know me. She didn't she didn't like intrude on bond. And be like i'm the new 007 like you don't have any jurisdiction here. You know stuff. Like that. And i was like oh bond was like like he. He was respectful about it because he knew his time was almost up in. You know more people need to. It's time for someone knew like pretty much So i a. I thought this movie was very pretty. Lots of good visuals The sound and like the the scene. That repelling off the side of the building to do the i was sick. I thought that was very dark. Knight rises and hans. Zimmer did the score for for bad obviously and for this and it fell he. He borrowed a lot of it and there was a lot of felt like tenny music. Like the like the it almost felt to you. You've seen ten right. yeah. I watched it with you. Oh yeah well you know like the soundtrack for that. The beginning part sounded very similar to it. Yeah.

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