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Reach a live person at the IRS hold times are ours, and that's if you're not disconnected First. But once that Levy or garnishment goes through, it's hard to unring that bell and you need help now. So what do you do? Call my friends at Rush tax resolution. The only company I trust and recommend that the IRS has you in their crosshairs. Rush tax has an A plus rating with the better Business bureau, hundreds of amazing reviews and thousands of happy clients like this one will call Bob Boat over $75,000 in Russia. Tax got the IRS to settle for $100 total. Not everyone qualifies for the IRS Forgiveness program. But Rush tax will let you know up front for free. What kind of relief you qualify for? Even if you've just been levied or had your wages garnished Russia tax has been able to have funds released the same day. And unlike other tax firms, Rush tax never charges to do an IRS transcript investigation. So call now 800 to 173715. That's 800 to 173715 or rush tax resolution dot com slash down Dan Bongino WLS is more more talk more perspective. Dan Bongino, the big 89 w L S Have you gotten vaccinated yet? No, no, no, no, it's time to reconsider. Oh, I got the vaccine because I have a pre existing condition because I wanted to get back to normal life is I don't want to go back to the way It was a couple months ago or your family or your community or your future Reconsider and you could go out and do fun. Things again. Trust science. Trust yourself. Trust the vaccine. For more information, go to coronavirus dot Illinois dot gov. Wls New Stein is 12 51. Take a look at the roads and see how we're doing out there. And John Kennedy O'Hare to the burn will take you 31. It's.

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