After a rollercoaster journey, he sold his tech company for $3.3B


Todd Davis is the founder of lifelock. An a quick Google search about him and his journey with lifelock. We'll tell you that Symantec famously acquired lifelock for over two point three billion dollars a few years ago, an equally Wikipedia will tell you that taught won the Ernest and young entrepreneur of the year for top emerging company for Orange County and desert cities in two thousand nine and he was also awarded the CRM's magazine service elite ward, the Arizona business leadership associations leadership award and the Arabs ONA business journal twenty-five most admired CEOs in two thousand nine book. None of these. We'll tell you how he faced death sat on the Cliff's edge. Not sure if he's company would exist the following month during the infamous roller coaster journey of startup life. So I caught up with him today to try and learn more about his personal story and hear about the thriving Texan here at Phoenix. And also what businesses setting up camp in the Grand Canyon state. So buckle up and hold on tight. So I. Beam your ears all the way to Phoenix Arizona. So you can join me

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