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Through the novels of bernard mallard nick warren beatty james elroy carl highest in and others but by far the best literary schiphol reference is a sports literature schiphol reference and it is courtesy of philip roth in his 1973 novel the great american novel the book is best red when you are young and feeling spunky about writing which is when i read it because it is a stream of consciousness over the top it's absurd the new york times grumpy review back when the book came out said that quote roff's determination to get in every joke he can think of about our past and present follies patriotic paranoia racism sexual infanta wisdom the vulgarity of the media finally as exhausting and selfdefeating lemme counter that by saying it's one of my favorite books or at least was one of my favorite books when i read it let me to and i was probably 22 when i read it but the great american novel is about baseball broth got baseball and the american mythology around it and all sports he got a dead right the book tells the story of the robert montes of the big league patriot league who have to play the entire 1943 season on the road because they've least their home field in import ruppert new jersey to the us department of war the league is filled with replacement players just like bigleague baseball was and the mondays are more notorious and more terrible than the rest of the teams they finish thirty four at one hundred twenty and spoiler alert the history of the league is expunged after it goes communist the players have names like hot head pettah nicknamed to more applejack terminus gilg amash and john paul frenchie a star today get it jeanpaul sartre tre a start today yeah and because we need to get to the shit whole part big john ball ball is the grandson of base ball and li son of spit ball who was banned from baseball after baseball banned his spit ball when one day his drive ball.

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