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Spring turns to summer, not just in Cincinnati but any major urban area. Good temperature warms. And so. Do the hostilities. Eight murders in Cincinnati in the last week and a half and the police chief, and who you'll talk to just moment, chairman of law, and public safety, since ninety six kennel device, mayor, we'll tell you we're doing better than last year. And at this point in Cincinnati. A year ago. There were thirty homicides at this point, the only twenty two. And yes, it's a step in the right direction. But we are just getting in, you know, actually we probably getting a break, because there's a cool front that's passing through in the next few. But it always happens for some reason. I don't know what the correlation is. But when the temperature warms in the summer. The violence also rises. Never have figured that out. Exactly. Because me personally, I'm more upset, I'm were hacked off when it's cold outside. I mean when it's nice and warm gets to be sunny and eighty five ninety degrees. I love my fellow man. Onum brace them all. Well, I mean well within limits because I'm sweating and they're sweating. So I don't want to embrace them totally. But I'm happy. I'm a happy guy when it's warm. But some people aren't. And I don't know what the sociological or psychological reasons are for that. But, you know, if you've lived long enough you understand that in an urban setting, especially in a city, whether it's Cincinnati or anywhere else, the murder rape the violent rate of the rate of violence. It goes up for some reason. I've never quite figured it out. Joining us Nigeria Armstrong, Jason good, ole coach Lou diamond who's excited because there's a game seven in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. Yes, Saint Louis and Boston going at it tooth and nail. And if the blues are going to win this Stanley Cup series. They will have to do it in Boston, which would.

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