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Or see our beat correct answers the well for one number two one year to the Packers by their last game at Milwaukee county stadium which is not there anymore nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety four or see nineteen ninety six be ninety four that is correct number three which of the Packers players was not a member of the twenty ten Super Bowl championship team was a Mason Crosby beat David Bakhtiari or see Bryan Bulaga that is correct phone number for the Packers have won more World Championship to any other NFL team how many of the one eight thirteen P. twelve or seven eight thirteen that is correct three and one final question number five which Packers player holds record for most touchdowns scored in a regular season is it's eight Paul Hornsby Amman green or see don Hutson BMI green that is correct that makes you more and one more out of five nice job no Sir well bred your three engine three a five finished four of five but nice effort Brad alright now here's a good thing we have a loser's pools of nope later in the month of January twenty twenty can defeat the really smart you could win a WTMJ gift bags loaded with my stuff so stay on the line thanks for playing go pack thank you good afternoon get your mind right now Christian.

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