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To go back to the eastern conference finals again after gaining remade the team and watched his two is paid players go down and still go back to an eastern conference finals taken out a team that i thought was more talented i picked the fixtures and six i said alita be the sexes and six or the celtics and seven because i thought it would be a home court dominated series i thought the sixers could get either game one two or five in boston and that would be enough to win the series because sexist would win games well didn't quite work out that way the sixers did not win a game in boston and the celtics did win one in philadelphia so i was wrong in my assessment of the match up in my assessment of the series i to underestimated the celtics not as badly as some others but i to underestimated him and i give them credit for it rather than just say law or who cares they're only gonna lose to the cabs the next round or you're all playing to lose to golden state anyway i'm not that kind of a negative nellie i don't look at things that way i congratulated them and gave them credit for a tremendous game five just a a draining game five and all i did was watch it i didn't play in it and i was still tired at the end of that game it was so exciting so many twists and turns so up and down so close competitive i loved it loved the outcome but you give credit where credit is due and the celtics had earned it but it doesn't make me a van doesn't mean i'm rooting for the celtics i want to get your take.

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