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My shirt as I got older. This got worse and it affected my relationships. One time in grad school. I sent my boyfriend at the time a text he didn't respond. My chest tightened. What had done wrong? Sure, everyone feels a little hurt by rejection, but I would seemingly become debilitated each time and last year after a particularly rough break-up not sleeping staying up all night crying. I started to wonder if something was wrong with me. I began looking up research on the biology of feeling rejected. I came across something called the OPR one, gene. We all have this, gene. But for approximately one in five people this gene has a tiny variation that can affect how their brains respond to pain the tiny variation is called a geo, and I called up Dr John Carr CBS a researcher at the university of Utah. Who's studied this, gene and the G L heal? What seems to do is seems to lower the capacity to produce opiate receptors. So you have less of them opioid receptors. Dr Subbiah tells me help us counteract pain when endorphins rush into the brain they attached to those opioid receptors and stop the pain signal. This is actually what happens during the runner's high end endorphins also Russian when people experience emotional pain. So basically what I learned from Dr CBS is that people with this geo also known as g carriers. They seem to have fewer of these. Receptors? So they're not as able to deal with pain. Whether it's a torn ligament or social rejection is this what has been happening to me, my whole life several weeks after shipping off my saliva, an Email popped up in my inbox. My results have come in. I sat staring at the message and opened if I were g carrier. It would mean that there was a biological explanation for my feelings, I hadn't been overreacting all these years. I was experiencing more pain than others. With my hands shaking slightly. I open the file and scroll through lines of my genetic code to find the OPR one, gene. There typed in small font g..

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