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And normally, this fine gentleman joins us a 10 20, but he's apparently working some OT tonight. I don't know a couple stories going on something happening in the world. It's our pleasure to welcome from news 51 of the anchors. My daughter's little overtime for either Mr Dorner's tonight. Well, I don't know if you know this is George Vogel's favorite channel, but we actually have a sister station called me TV. Do. Yeah, I'm well aware, yes. Green acres and mash and all these Anyway, I had to do the 10 o'clock newscast tonight. So I was until 10 30. I would you know, like the duck out in the middle and do the radio show But wait, have bad form. Yes, well, we appreciate that might not look so good. But we appreciate you accommodate accommodating us at this time. So let me ask you just in your world I know. Finn brought this up. We're talking off air earlier and just What was it like yesterday? I mean, you know you're somebody who I mean, you're you're in the news. You bring the news to people. And when you saw this unfolding yesterday, um what goes through your mind? Well, it's been quite a year. I don't think anything surprises you after what we've been through the last year, although that was a new one for sure. I think two things I think professionally on personally so professionally. You know, the network has so many resource is NBC and they're there in Washington. So on a day like yesterday, we unfortunately we took a backseat. For most of the day we went on an 11 o'clock with a recap. We had reporters out everywhere. We did a lot of local angles. We talked with Brad went strip in other local politicians and that whole thing, But we kind of took a back seat yesterday. So if you feel like a caged lion, because News is going on. And you really can't get involved like for example, when the shooting happened in D. C with the baseball practice with the Republican team, you know, I got on a plane and I flew to D. C and I interviewed Brad Wind Strip because he helped save They say them and you know, but in this case I had to sit and watch and then personally You know, it's kind of sad because You know, we're so divided as a country now going back to the spring as well with the writing that happened and and the protesters and there is a distinction between protests and riding and there have been both But the sad part is any time I put anything on social media, Facebook, Twitter Just doing my job report reporting what's going on immediately attacked from the left. From the right from it used to be. There was 5% on the left to right that ruined it for everybody. Now, I think it's more like 15 or 20, that really radical views. That's exactly what we've been talking about. We talk to Pat Crowley and talked about what we saw on how this changes and that was my question. I think I saw something on Twitter last night. Maybe it was from Cherie just saying, Hey, guys, just remember, we're just telling you what's happening. We're not here to take a stand or take a stance. Now the national networks with these opinion based networks and shows and other things, sure, I mean, if you're not the nightly news, but you're filling a 24 hour news cycle on these CNN's and MSNBC's and Fox. That is more opinion. But I wonder about that. How people come after you guys personally. What's so funny is they can come after you from both sides thinking you've taken the other side. Well, not I find is, you know, sometimes it really is somebody that just feels really strongly. I think a lot of times and I'm gonna give you example a lot of times it just people haven't really bad day or a bad time in their life and they take it out on something Abou and what happened. You know the other day, Cherie and I posted something and Woman was kind of coming after us. And at one point I just said on a private message. Give me a call. So he did, and she was just angry, the whole phone call and it seemed like she was really unhappy. And I felt bad because I do think a lot of people are just some things going on in their lives, and they're not coping in with coping with it well And this is that reaction. Sometimes you just find something and take it out on somebody else. My daughter's one of the anchors of news five is our gas. But here's the thing, and I said earlier. It's interesting to hear you start with. They used to be 5% out there on each side. Now it's more like 15. I'd even stretch that maybe a little bit more, but I truly believe I actually believe that they were in trouble in terms of the division, and I don't see Ah, whole lot of people being able to look at the other side and say why I lean this way. But you know what? They're right on this issue, And I think you just hit on something that is so true, especially with the 2020. With the what happened everybody in the last year. What people do today is they blame their own miserable existence. If they've gotten to that point, everybody, it's a blame game. It's somebody else's fault. And I think that's where we are as ah country today where if you're on the right and things aren't going well, dammit, blame it on the left, and vice versa. I think, how do you fix that? Because that's where we are. And I think it's a combination of not only where we are politically and and Donald Trump obviously was a love him or hate him, President. I mean, there was no there wasn't much middle ground. Um, he had these people who would rally for him and then these people who despise him. And so I think the combination of that, but also the Trump in the water is social media and cable nets. And obviously, cable nets have been going on for years and years. Now they've gotten so opinionated. It's just it's people..

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