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They put yourself in the Orion nebula or travel to the center of the Milky Way. Galaxy a new NASA app puts you in the space suit. This is innovation now bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future the NASA Celtics app lets you generate snapshots of yourself in a virtual space suit posing in front of more than thirty eye-catching locations. Thanks to images taken by Nasr's Spitzer space telescope Spitzer was the fourth and final edition to Nasr's great observatories program optimistic -ly the team had hoped. The telescope would stay alive for five years in the harsh environment of space now celebrating more than fifteen years in space. Spitzer's infrared capabilities continue to observe the universe in a different kind of light. The self is app is available for both Android and I o s devices the simple interface. It's you snap. A photo of yourself pick your background and even share on social media, and for those who want more than just pretty pictures the app. Also provides information about the science behind those stunning images for innovation. Now. I'm Jennifer fully innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w HR V. Visit us online at innovation now dot US.

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