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So they committed penalties in the third period. Three of them the first one Jordan, Scott led to the Markus Johannesson power play goal which tied at two Dougie Hamilton's first penalty led directly to Patrice Berge. Ron's game winning goal. Also, of course on the power play. So you don't wanna generally decide games like that? But they call the tight last night there were penalties against the Bruins as well. Eight miners so eight power play opportunities. That's a lot in the postseason. You don't normally want to see that. No. But as you've been saying, and I think everybody thinks ruins the more talented team in if you're the hurricanes. You can't change put the Bruins position to to score on a power play given those power play opportunities. So Carolina's not really good at killing them either. Carolina. It's like it's like if you're you're playing the warriors and basketball, and you constantly fouling. Steph curry intentionally you're not really putting yourself in position to win the game. So Christian I compliment Steph curry. Nice. But I mean, the Bruins are obviously the more talented team in any advantage that Carolina's gonna give them the Bruins you expect to take advantage of that. Doing what if this is the way Carolina's gonna play and they're going to give the Bruins multiple power-play chances over the course of a game. The will make quick work them. Bruins seven two over the last nine games. And again to ask is allowed only sixteen goals in those nine games, which is to per game. Meanwhile, the New England Revolution of allowed eighteen goals games with that up. I just talking to Tommy Q my protege. Right. I don't like Tommy. But he's my guy. And he said, this is the worst I've ever seen the team playing sake. You get up eighteen goals in four games. I didn't think that was possibly do know the coach get fired because of that maybe my tweet did it you view job. I did you know what though I gotta start going to the revolution matches because two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen I went to fifty matches. You don't their record was fifteen. Oh, well, pretty close ten one in four. Why were you going to so many because we fifteen ten we were covering the revolution? We actually had some remember you were. I was like door with shepherd. We had a power struggle there a coup. But yeah, we did a lot of revolution stuff, and I covering it a lull Benz basketball team, whatever that's what I remember that. Yeah. Yeah. And then then you went with, Glenn, of course. Yes. Now and now here in a limelight. But the in terms of in terms of this series and looking at at how the Bruins should be able to progress. I think you're right. I mean, five games seems and they were overreacting to last night. This isn't Celtics bucks. No. It's not just I mean, they are better. They really should make quick work better in net. They're better on D. They've deeper forwards. I think San Jose presents a challenge of. That's what's going to be there. Good team. And they've veterans and Joe Thornton who've been around forever are going to be so hungry to win the Cup. And you will really appreciate how good Eric Carlson is. I think we know he's your favorite player. He's one of my favorite players. I still like Ovechkin we've gotten to this point where we keep because they're at the same time, we keep comparing basketball and hockey which is fair and unfair. But the comparison I wanna make again, we talk about the play offs and the way they're structured. You're not really getting fluky teams in the NBA as you go. Oh hockey. It seems insult. I'm not trying to insult the hurricanes the bluer, but you get occasionally teams yet. You. It's the onus is on the Bruins to to be that team at said, well, we had the second best record hockey. We should make quick work at his fluke team. This would be if the Celtics were clicking on all cylinders and they happen to play Brooklyn in the Eastern Conference. Right. Brooklyn got through while. It was okay see against the clippers in the Western Conference. And at that point say home free Celtics are going to win the NBA championship. It's not always that easy hockey, though. Because again, someone has a great series in net for Carolina Saint Louis. San Jose bounce a pocket game goes into overtime. Lord knows what happens, but this is the best team in hockey right now. And I think they deserve to be the favourite which they are in Vegas to win the Stanley Cup. One of the things about the Bruins is just stepping up and doing a job something that of course, Bill Belichick talks about Bruce Cassidy who is certainly the most underrated coach in the city. Right. I mean Brad Stevens has like a cult following Alex won the World Series in his first year. We know how great Bella check is Bruce Cassidy he's done a great job with the Bruins in a little over two years. And he talked about just accepting your roles doing your job after. Last night's win the way our team has constructed the way those guys wanna play for one another. I think it means just as much to the rest of the guys say, hey, this guy hasn't played in a while is ready on time. He's he's he catches a pass. He doesn't he's not flustered. He's zips it in a good spot. So it just tells you that you know, the preparation of maturity Steve to to be able to jump into that spot not get flustered. But I think it means just as much like I said for the group to know that the next next man up expression around bosses been here for a while. And we're certainly vying into and he was talking about Steven kampfer who played thirty five games this year played one postseason games get some into game one because of the McEvoy suspension what fits in seamless scores and may not play in game two. And if it was terrorism he'd be wanting start next on the powerful, I say why. Kyrie irving. But again, that's that's the difference between a different part of it's because the popularity basketball so you getting inflated ego because it is that much popular than Hawkal, hawk culture. Right. Where the players pampered from the get-go. Yeah. With hockey so many of the pocket players from Canada in Europe. Right. Well, if you're the best player in your town or city, or whatever I mean, you're. But you still have to play with everybody else. And you still have to get up in the morning. He always the best guys aren't the best until they get the MBA for the most part. I mean, most of these guys are still the best player in their college team by far the Louisville. Absolutely. Yeah. All that's why I say the construction of the Celtics there's a lot of blue bloods there. Whereas look at someone like PJ Tucker who the following? He wasn't even like the best player on his college team. He was playing with Kevin Durant in college. And he was six foot five hundred sixty pound linebacker, essentially playing basketball. He had to go where he played in China Greece wherever the place may be. So he's like appreciative of being in the NBA Celtics are just made up of a bunch of blue bloods. Like, I'm supposed to be I'm Duke Louisville. Oklahoma state. No slight against your guy. Marcus smart because he's the one guy seems to be all in to be a team guy like Marcus Morris as well. But Moore's went to Kansas. So we're talking about guys that are all blue bloods, Al Horford won two national championships at Florida. Yeah. The weird thing about the warriors construction is like they should be because two of the star players dads were in the NBA. I know curry went to us. It wasn't highly. Recruited Davidson eight mean, his dad was a really good NBA player. Not a great player. But a very good one. This. Klay Thompson dad was born borderline hall of fame guy. Well, he was the first pick in the seventy mean, he was very and then he ended up spending the final third couple championships backing up Kareem. Yeah. But I mean, he was a very good player. The Michigan state now. Pick. But the second panel. But the thing about the warriors is that Steph can have a chip on his shoulder because he was the seventh pick in the first round not the first for low, Johnny Flint and Ricky Rubio and Klay Thompson. I believe is the eleventh pick first round. So it's not like they came in as can't miss prospects. It just worked well together with hockey. There's just a lot more that goes on there a player other than the goaltender can't dominate as much unless he's an extreme talent la- MU or Greg closest thing I've seen to that is Crosby was obviously on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was in high. The p was anointed. So I mean, I think that that sort of a blue blood thing, but nobody really plays like that. And hockey, I know fans will accuse Crosby of that too. But he's a he's a tough guy. He's not these guys are tough. And there's they all play without for the most part. I don't really see hockey players playing with ego. No Ovechkin probably the one. And that's why I like him because he's a personality at times you'll dog it. But at other times, he's just a force. Their James harden as he goes. He's a bunch. And I know it's a little it's obviously different. But I think they play through him. They're comfortable doing that. Crosby just does everything does everything he's much more Acilitator in a lot of ways to play like Berge around. He was a second round pick came here had to learn to speak the language. So that that's a lot to ask for an eighteen nineteen year old guy to be on his own and look at him. I think the best thing is in any sport is a good mix of those guys who are the elite talent whatever and the guys who were the Christian to say Dirk dogs. I think that that's the best methodology and putting together any sort of team guys from different backgrounds that mesh together when you have too much of anything. It's gonna affect the chemistry too much even too much. Good talent. I guess patriots. Thirteen of the twenty two starters in Super Bowl fifty three from the fourth round out. Including the quarterback. Well, even look at look at the way, the from the early thousands until two thousand that redeem team the way the United States men's basketball team was constituted was said, okay. We'll just take all the best players at didn't work because that's who Argentinian that's not how that's not how sports work have chemistry. I mean, obviously, you need talent. But chemistry's important to you can't just say, we'll take the ten best players the ninety two drink team wasn't exception because they just obliterated everybody. But by the time, you've got the two thousand four Argentina won the gold medal. And we were sending our best players, and it just didn't work right work. Getting embarrassed. Team. Alan Iverson team losing to Argentina right yet. That's why that's why Manu is better than less because I remember team winning a gold medal. Unbelievable. These slip through on that one. I think skip is a secret admirer of the entire country of Argentina. But this Bruins team again game two will be Sunday at TD garden, and they go to Carolina for games three and four I expect five games. I think it'd be wouldn't be kind of cool that if every series got easier like Toronto seven games, Columbus, six games Carolina in the finals Lazaro world, while we lay off we said that gets Toronto it's going to get easier and then Campo went down down. And then Columbus know, they're going to be a tough pain in the bud team. And again, I the Carolinas just said yesterday that kind of a hybrid of Toronto and Columbus not as skilled as Toronto..

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