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Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by Valley Side Medical Clinic. Dycom Governor Greg Abbott has turned to the military and law enforcement for help and responding to the severe winter weather that's frozen the state governor habits, deployed the National Guard to conduct welfare checks and to assist local authorities and transporting Texans to one of the 135 local warming centers across the state Guard is also using 28 high mobility vehicles and an ambulance. 3300. DPS troopers have also been said to the areas hit her. Artist. As for the rotating electricity outage is expected to continue today, Abbott says her cot and the Public Utility Commission are working nonstop to restore power. Chris Fox News Radio K. L. B. J. Austen Energy is still not really able to give any timelines as to when your power may come back on. A lot of people have been without power for more than 24 hours, as the sub freezing temperatures remain outside. Jacqueline sergeant with Austin Energy says they have shed all of the non essential load they can to comply with. Our God got to that maximum point, and there's basically we're stuck here. Until we can get some reprieve from ERCOT and can start releasing some of those circuits. Some reports have come in that the inside temperature and some Austin Holmes has fallen to 40 degrees. First responders been kept very busy since the cold weather and snow first roll through town. Austin, Travis County E. M s as he got more than 1000 calls Just yesterday In Boston. Firefighters had to tend to a handful of fires, His people with no power desperately sought some semblance of heat within their own homes. Since last night. M s officials say several people have had to be treated for carbon monoxide issues related to using items like charcoal to try to heat their homes from the inside. Water pipes are very much at risk. Right now. That's another issue that's kept firefighters busy is more than 500 of those calls came in just yesterday. As the weather remains bitter cold. You should try to keep your faucets dripping to minimize the chance of your pipes Freezing. There are various warming centers now around central Texas, along with the Palmer Event Center and the downtown Austin Salvation Army. The Hays School district is also providing some of its Busses is warming centers for people living in Kyle. The locations include Steeplechase Park, Niggly Elementary, Orchard Park, ST Anthony's and the Quail Ridge Neighborhood. No food or drinks will be provided with the weather sticking around a lot of Austin. I've been forced to stay home, and some are wondering whether or not their jobs may pay for their snow days off from construction workers to part timers. Uncertainty looms along with the cold Weather area homebuilder 11. Whitmire says he moved to Austin and the beginning of the year and isn't sure how his higher ups will handle this as being new. I'm not sure how this all works when the office shuts down if that's paid or not paid So.

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