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M street bank dot com this is wtop news 553 free planet earth is about to receive a special delivery the spacecraft will fly by earth on sunday and drop off what is expected to be at least a cup full from of the rubble astronaut it benu closing out a seven -year quest the osiris wrecked spacecraft launched from cape canaveral in 2016 and reached astronaut benu in 2018 the sample capsule will parachute into the utah desert as its mother ship flies to another asteroid encounter nasa recovery manager mike morrow says the drop -off about a third of the way to the moon is no small feet that's like kicking like 120 000 yard foot field goal scientists hope to uncover some of the solar system secrets on the sample's vacuum from benu's surface i'm norman hall it is a developing story about anti -semitic activity at a montgomery county high school police are now investigating what occurred during a school lunch period according to a letter sent home to families from montgomery blair high school principal renee johnson a group of students on the school silver spring campus were allegedly witnessed performing a quote anti anti -semitic salute during lunch the letter says the group of students were filming themselves enacting the gesture side the school says it has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and that this goes against their values montgomery county police have also been notified matt kofax w t o p news chris georges county native kevin durant went to the university of texas to play college ball but he grew up playing youth all over the region including the gym at bowie state university now that court bears his name one that was the sound of celebration as the kevin durant foundation and kevin's mother wanda came here to bowie state to cut the ribbon and open up the new kevin durant courts at the ac jordan center i remember the many years that i brought my sons here to play sitting up in the bleachers hauling at the referees it's not just new a basketball court it's a remodeled gym for the teams and the fans who come to events here dr anita bros the president it helps to shine a light on the excellence that we have here i saw his signature his written signature and then i saw his logo and it just bore tears to my eyes at bowie state university in wtop news sports at 25 and 55 powered by thomas moving people and innovation forward here is frank handerhand nationals already made the call for saturday no baseball because of the wet weather they will have a split doubleheader come sunday nationals nationals and the brave so if you were planning on going on saturday that ticket will be good for the makeup on sunday night at 5 they'll also play sunday afternoon at 135 nationals lose their second straight to the braves on friday 9 night to 6 brave star ronald lacuna jr becomes a fifth player in major league history to have 40 homers 40 stolen bases in a season entering that exclusive club nats honor pitcher sean do little retires as he from baseball he was a key reliever in the nats world series run four years ago and maybe most support me push for the return of the bullpen cart baltimore falls in a walk off to cleveland nine -eight college football just a gut -wrenching loss for virginia tied things up twenty one apiece and looked it like they were going to overtime but uh... the wahoos get a suspect fifteen -yard penalty for excessive ration and then see state gets great field position goes down kicks a feel a little when it uva falls to all in final for count twenty four twenty one frank and random eclp sports coming up on w t l p bracing were for tropical storm ophelia tropical storm force winds storm surge impacts heavy rainfall the potential for flooding and also the potential for some tornadoes very latest just ahead okay we're here flu shot time how about we come back tomorrow or next week we're all here now we can just run in and out but we didn't make appointment an we don't need an appointment but it's sunday they're not open on sundays honey they're open you dad you can hold my hand okay stop by a wegmans pharmacy for your flu shot today walk -ins are welcome and every vaccine is given with care learn more at kazaperminante .com slash flu did you know that being

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