Anthony Davis' trade demands revives Celtics-Lakers rivalry

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But the Celtics want kyri Irving ironically enough to be their lead recruiter on getting ethnic Davis to an extension. But meanwhile, of course, we have LeBron James uprooting, Kyrie Irving. Let's. So this is broad James is Instagram account adds, Cari Irving about a song by Feddie. What you may be familiar with here the lyrics. I know you're with them now. But soon you will be mine if I could bring it back, I'll probably press rewind. Wow, at Tyree Irving in front of the re buddies so Feddie walk the new Joe, I didn't realize that. Right. There's a lot of. Wow. Okay. That's so weak. Lebron? It's that is so messy that is. So we can say he's too old for that. But he's square the millennial place in this. Like, what exactly are you doing all of this brings us kyri? I've never been sold. The kyri is going to come back to Boston told the season ticket holders that he would come back. Go commercials about those kids and told him that he was only Cleveland a lot those kids to the same way. I would allied to Boston about that situation. And that given time period does he want to go back there when you even want to play LeBron because I find it hard to believe that that would be a situation oath. Ultimately, make either of them happy. Does he wanna be third best player on a team after he just left the Braun to be the best player on his own full this mostly feels like the Bron James poking Danny aines, just like you think you're gonna convince Anthony Davis to come to you. Because of this guy. This guy wants to be with me. And I'm I mean, we'll see what the Celtics can do what they really think is that big a deal in this. But I'm just saying this meat. I got a chance to be demand man in lay or to beat a man in Boston. What's the weather like in both places right now? Say thanks for the six months of content. Appreciate you. Next names. Luke Walton is weekend. Jackie MacMullan reported quote, the bras camp for a coaching change and that they're not too subtle about that Bob low how Luke Walton fail about this. He should feel like he's seen this movie before and he is not David blacks for many reasons, but David Blatt, let's all remember something three years ago. David Blatt was fired at the hand the shadowy hand allegedly LeBron James after he made the NBA finals while he was sitting atop the Eastern Conference, right. This comes down to whether Luke Walton is LeBron's guy. And that could mean, maybe there's a there's a Thai Lou in the offing someone to take them to the finals and win a championship. Maybe that's the logic here, or maybe he's just not adding value in the way that LeBron was hoping that you like talking about LeBron shadowy hand and all of this stuff. Like, you've never watched the NBA before the broad. This isn't Ella Braun thing. This is the nature of the NBA the. Superstar is it on board with the coach the coach is gotta go. Magic his done. This penny. Hardaway has

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