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Mystics on a three -game win streak are in New York for a one o 'clock tip to take on the Liberty who have won two straight. Washington head coach Eric Tebow asked if this team is different from the one they defeated in the season opener. Stylistically, neither team is drastically different. I think both teams are better as they should be at this point. And so when we watch that game back, you're trying see to how they guarded us, how we guarded them, what we liked. But everybody's very aware it's going to be a different game. And a game again coming up at the top of the hour. Baseball Nats looking for a series win this afternoon at San Diego against the Padres in three game of their three -city eight -game road trip. In the series finale, Mackenzie Gore will start for Washington at 4 .10 this afternoon. Orioles going for the series win this afternoon against the Mariners up at the yards. On 135, first pitch is Kyle Bradish will throw for the O's. College World Series NCAA championship game two today at three. This after LSU won game one of the best of three series against Florida four to three in 11 innings yesterday and major league rugby Old Glory DC taking on the New York Ironworkers from Mount Vernon, York New in their playoff debut. Six o 'clock start tonight on Fox Sports 2 carrying the action. Jay Brooks, WTOP Sports. Thank you Jay. Coming up on WTOP the latest on that armed rebellion in Russia the boldly challenged leader Vladimir Putin. It's 1226. Here's how I pick my numbers when I play the new pick five from the Virginia Lottery. I let my dogs decide. Win up to $50 ,000. I give their treat jar a shake and see many how come running. Five numbers zero through nine. First number is two. No, four. No, is that six? No, nine? No, down to two. How you choose is to up you. Play in store, in app or online today. Visit VALottery .com slash pick five. Remodeling for how you live today. Here's Craig Derosco, founder of Sun Design Remodeling. Sharing how remodeling can bring family and friends together. You know one of the biggest benefits build of design as compared to other types of processes that might be available really entails the opportunity to get into some interesting conceptual ideas and what it is that could be done. You might throw the kitchen over here or over there and this way and that way and this is an opportunity where you can really do these things because it's just on paper and then we can figure out the various scopes of what that means and then also price ranging and at that point then you can really figure out how to identify what is the scope of work that you to want move forward. That thing that really makes you excited inside and like wow we found our solution, this is it. When you get to that point it's a great time from there. Join Sun Design at their virtual remodeling and design seminar event on July Next, check out today's kitchen and bath trends to discover a better quality of life. Register at Sundesignink .com 1228 Traffic and Weather on the 8th to Ralph Fox in the WTO TLP Traffic Center. Jenny it's a really nice day out there some folks out for a drive in some areas that's a beautiful thing and others wow we got some issues let's go out to Annapolis Route 50 in the area between Baydale Highway and Ritchie all lanes remain blocked westbound eastbound has a left lane blocked due to a serious crash involving a A westbound motorcycle appears to be diverting to Baydale Drive you want to stay right in order to be to able make the most of that once you get to that point on the eastbound side there's a work zone that had the right side blocked in the area of Whitehall Road you're gonna need some extra time there and you got about a 3 mile delay once you get through that point to get across the Bay Bridge making way around the Capitol Beltway in the area of the American Legion Bridge you got some delays on the inner loop it actually is slow back to Tysons on the flip side there on the inner loop in the area of Route 4 Pennsylvania Avenue a caller tells us that there's police activity on the right hand side that's got traffic backed up pretty much back to 214 so you're gonna need some extra time there as well taking a look in Virginia Route 14 in Aldie both ways near Braddock Road a crash there has lanes there's some road you want to follow police direction to get through that point also a downed tree Old Dominion Drive this is McLean in both ways between Spring Hill and Swinks Mill Road seems to be in the area of Old Cedar the Baltimore Washington Parkway is in pretty good shape you're gonna see some minor delays pretty much what you'd see for a Sunday afternoon 95 on the Maryland side in pretty good shape as well 95 Virginia you've got some pretty major delays and it's pretty normal for this hour it's gonna start just before Lorton it's gonna take you across the Occoquan you'll get a bit of a relief once you get down Triangle Aquia Harbor and then it's stop and go as you make your way to Fredericksburg no reported delays on the northbound side Ralph Fox, WTOP 2 -7 news first alert meteorologist Jordan Evans passing clouds today highs around 88 this afternoon humidity will make it feel like 92

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