President Trump, Kentucky, Mayor Fisher discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


H A S our top story. Mayor Fisher is proposing gradually raising taxes to fill a budget gap created by the pension today. Fisher suggested increasing taxes on insurance premiums over the next four years than the reality is this is the best least painful option open to us from an extremely shortlist of choices. The mayor says if the sixty five million dollar budget gap over the next four years is not addressed oval see massive cuts to public. Services. President Trump today addressing the nation sheriffs and police chiefs in Washington reassuring them he will get border security done to help them do their job the president describing a wall. The congressional negotiators have an actually approved a big wall. It's a strong wall to wall. The people aren't going through very easy. In fact, it's a steel Bollard fence just fifty five miles of it in the budget deal. President Trump though describes differently gonna have to be an extremely good shape to get over this one. Mr. Trump saying he will take other department funds to build what he wants Andy Field. ABC news Washington a man accused of kidnapping the mother of his child in Ohio shot her before he was killed by police. Twenty four year old tyrel pounds is accused of kidnapping twenty year old Schuyler Williams before leading police on a chase through Oldham county SP Commissioner RIC Sanders says trooper Joey Brown heard a gunshot before he fatally shot pounds. We were able to confirm with our forensic lab that the bullet fired in to miss with. Williams was fired from the weapon being carried by Mr. pounds pounds allegedly posted a Facebook status saying they would quote not be around for their son before the shooting. A handful of measures were considered in committee meetings in Frankfurt today, including a Bill that would ban abortion in Kentucky, the measure would ban all abortions in Kentucky, if the US supreme court overturns, the nineteen Seventy-three decision that legalized abortion. It's sponsored by Republican Representative Joe Fisher who says it sends a message from Kentucky to the supreme court. The message is this. If you restore our thority will will protect every unborn child in this common. Well, the measures opponents include Kate Miller of the ACLU of Kentucky decisions about pregnancy should be up to the person who's pregnant not to the government, particularly government. It's dominated by men. The only exception would be win abortionist necessary to save the mother's life. Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S another Bill up for consideration was the. Sports gambling, Bill and Alice's says if the Bill was put into place it could generate over twenty million dollars per year in tax money. Nasa has pulled the plug on the Mars Rover. It was only designed operate for ninety days, but it kept working for fourteen and a half years. And now the Mars Rover opportunity has officially been declared dead. They have officially declared the mission over the Rovers achievements were grant, it confirmed water one slowed on Mars and the Rover traveled a record twenty eight miles. That's ABC's Alec stone, and Netflix has stepped in to help a Mexican actor attend the Academy Awards or hand Tonio Guerrero. Tried three times to get a visa to attend the award show to see if the film he was in Roma wins any awards all three attempts were denied. But Netflix was able to get the hands on one Roma is up for ten Oscars, including best picture. Your next news update is coming at seven thirty. I'm Healy Hanson, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, Kentucky and breaking news. Weather and traffic station your shot.

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