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Firewood, roadie that ongoing construction and I get to London and the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. 87 Today. 71 tonight and dry tomorrow 85 within rains and question marks early next week, Meteorologists got Larrimore at the Weather Channel. It's 86 degrees in Conroe is 85 Sunny and Katie are each top tax defenders 24 Hour Weather Center are each news time to a one Our top story. Houston could feel the impact of Tropical depression 22, which has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. In the meantime, tropical storm Wilfred has formed in the Atlantic Ocean, Nicky Courtney reports. And we had thought that hot mess in the eastern Gulf of Mexico might get the last name for storms in 2020, But Wilfred off in the Eastern Atlantic has picked up to 40 miles an hour, therefore gets the W name were still closely watching Tropical depression 22 in the beta cam. Peachy winds are 35 miles an hour, so just below that 39 mile threshold To become a tropical storm. That's probably gonna happen later today. Depression 22 will be renamed Alfa were in the Greek alphabet Alfa still on track to move northward through tomorrow and then moving off to the West By tomorrow night. The cone is highly uncertain. Houston's preparing for the possibility of flooding high tides and storm surge. Nicky Courtney NewsRadio, 7 40 K T. R. H The Republican Party of Texas is calling on Harris County Clerk Chris Holland's to abide by state law and stop his plan to send more than two million mail in ballot applications to every registered voter. State Party Chairman Alan West calls it a political move by the left, which must be stopped before November. You go back to April, 14th Eric Holder wrote.

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