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I wanna be more funny. Like, I want to ask do some frames. Van wives who's married to the bass player in a thousand horses. She's hilarious. Like you like, and she pranks everyone. She has a Lyles on her phone. She has pictures of all of us in Melissa this. some terrible pictures, you could ever imagine shields. Like post them out every now, and then see that's so fun because you know, pictures, you could ever met. What's funny is like everybody else care? How pretty anybody is everybody can be ugly. And this was so funny like. Picture. I love it for a lap. She'll do anything for a laugh at anybody's expense. I love that main. She's yes, she's not gonna. Yeah. Yeah. But I just love that. And I'm just like oh my God. If I could be one thing I wish I could be funnier. But I appreciate funny people. So that's why like find you on a good funny side sidekick because like the person who's funny like I'll be there like egging on. Yeah. I'm not really the one who's able to instigate it. I don't have that ominous. Reator? I can. Yeah. I love to be in the room and a part of it and laughing because to me humor is the greatest medicine. It is until you cry. You can laugh until you cry crime, t LA I'm what she's laughing. So you cry or laughing behavior prank? Anybody call me? Okay. I'm ready. I really do. Oh my God. Okay. So I like to leave every interview with leave your light. So obviously, your whole life is inspiring and every. Thing you've talked about it's been inspirational. But just what's a message. You wanna send people like distant spire, people listening to this? If you had like a piece of advice or something you wanted to pass on to someone maybe who's. You know in a hard spot or something like what what's your word of encouragement that you'd wanna give somebody? There are a couple of things that I try to think they're couple things that I tell my kids every day. I tell them to always go and make a person small everyday be nice, go make a person smile, and then the ultimate vise. Some of the best advice. I ever got was it's I guess a K with his. Yep. Anyway, it's it's not our job to understand. Why God does what he does is our job to accept it. And make the best out of it. Wow. And just that's what you have to do someday. What will understand everything? But we're not. I mean, he's not gonna less understand everything right right now in this life. Wow. So just take what he gives you as hard as it is. And it's sometimes it's great. And sometimes it sucks so bad. But you gotta take it and try to make the best out of it. That's truly inspiring. Well, I love that. Thank you. I'll know I'm not very deep, but deep as I guess Caroline. I'm so shallow. Are so deep in you, also though like, you know, how to make joy out of painful things, which isn't a true gift truly. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much joining for coming. Thank you. And we got the same name. So obviously, we're Caroline's are a handful best brand growing up. Her name was Caroline to. We were always the say, I never knew a new one of the Carolina ever. But hey, Caroline's handful, but they're good people. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We're the best. Thank you. I know you love that episode was in non credible. How inspiring is Caroline. She is a true earth angel. I love her to pieces, and I'm so glad to know her, and I'm so thankful that she shared her story just to uplift everyone who heard it because I know you heard that and felt moved in your soul. There's no you couldn't next week. I have cast Kelly who is the wife of Charles Kelley from lady antebellum, Cassie is an incredible soul. She is beautiful. She's a fashion east. She is incredible style. She also has the hugest heart. We talk all about her relationship with Charles their journey to their sweet son ward, her business that she started woman Easson how it turned into a huge business that she ended up selling all about her life. It's so incredible. She's such an lifting person. So get excited for Kathy Kelly next week. We'll see you then.

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