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The question of what happens after we die has intrigued humans for as long been around as a physician. I know that most people don't think about death really until they're forced to brain was not functioning as she had the most vivid experience. That's a clip from the terrific new netflix series. Surviving death today skeptic. Oh we talked to contributing producer and author of the original book leslie. Cain welcome to skeptical where we explore cuts for. She'll science and spirituality with leading researchers thinkers and their critics. I'm your host. Alex occurs and today we welcome back actually journalist and author. Leslie came to skeptical. Leslie has an excellent excellent new series out a net flicks titled surviving death. When i watched it. It was trending at number six on net flicks which is just a huge accomplishment particularly for a document For a documentary of this type. You know that's really packed with a lot of frontier science important information. This is just a huge accomplishment. And you'll notice as you as you watch it that she also appears in the film and i gotta say leslie again. You do a fantastic job. I didn't know this is going to be in your. Imdb database right here really great. You have a great a great presence in you. Add a lot to the production which again not to just go on and on but the production quality of this thing is fantastic. It's so watchable. It so cinemagraphic. And just a big congratulations on it. Before i leave this introduction though let me just let you know you know if you don't remember lesley's work. This is a very important journalist of our time. This is the person who broke the ufo disclosure story in the new york times which as discussed. I mean there's no way around it being one of the seminal events of. I don't know history. I mean the the the empire of the planet announces that we're being visited by aliens. At least that's my read of it. If you really are honest about what they wrote. She's the person who one of the people has the byline in the new york. Times the newspaper of record leslie. Cain is the one who wrote that at of course her credentials from the uso ufo standpoint stem from the book that she wrote in two thousand eleven. Very very influential book. Ufo's generals pilots and government officials. Go on the record. It was a new york times bestseller. It was a big big deal in the ufo community because it delivered what the title promises that she got these guys that go on the record. I major major important people and then You know we talked to her after that. I in two thousand seventeen. She wrote a book. And it's the book that this net flicks special is based on surviving death. A journalist investigates evidence for the afterlife. And then just as we mentioned you know. Really check this out on netflix. You'll really really enjoy it. It's a it's a great six part documentary series packed with just a ton of great stuff..

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