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Places to hang out along there and and I really you know when I think of Denver. I think you gotta Lay from rise on course field up there as well mentioning mentioning chorus field. We do WanNa bring up something that is you know local to Denver but also specific to CSM PT pub. Night is going to be on Thursday that that is the Thursday the thirteenth of of CSM from six attend the PTA. Pub night will be at Jackson's Denver. That is a bar right across the street right from From course fields. Here's what I know about them. The sports bar lots of room lots of beers on tap and not far from the conference itself. So I'm GonNa make sure checkup I got pt pub night. We'll be doing some interviews live on site from that night at Jackson's Denver so we'll see you guys out there. If you want more information about that and you want to preregister preregister maybe get yourself a free t shirt give those sometimes follow at night on twitter all right so that's that's CSM. I'm excited fingers crossed on the the weather. A ton of snow up there this year in Colorado or has it looked like for you guys. You know a lot of snow in the mountains. We'd be getting little storms and it's fantastic out here but but but Denver's really Variable this time if you're looking earlier this week it was Thirty degrees they're supposed to be seventy this coming week. It could be anything and everything. That's cleanser is so variable as New York looking at Denver. You know all we know is was just super cold and then that's what I've heard from people like listen man. Denver could be just as you said seventy or thirty so I guess pack accordingly when you're headed out there to the mile high city all right so that's our that's are inside. Look with with James Spencer Sam. Let's talk about something specific to you. I give people just kind of snapshot of what you did talk about the first time we had you on the show but I think your story is pretty pretty cool to tell again just your journey through travel pt. And what you're able to do with it. Yeah I mean it's been a a lot of years since we've talked about my travel so until about three years ago I was traveling with my wife and I just kind of unintentionally intentionally we ended up coming out to Colorado in the wintertime and then we were going elsewhere in the summertime so often go back to New England in the summer. I'm from author author and she's from Maine and often go to Hawaii in the summertime. We did that war about ten or eleven years we kept it going for awhile and it was fantastic was an awesome lifestyle but eventually came around. I haven't kids and needling needing to settle down a little bit here in Colorado I whenever travel. PT comes comes up and people talk about really the things that they're looking for. Someone brings up flexibility. You're the Guy I talk about. I'm like I know this guy's Spencer. He would do like Hawaii. Colorado Massachusetts Colorado Wherever Colorado and. It was just cool to see that. That's an option like it's not like hey you could do that. It's like hey someone did that. So it's completely possible so I just love I just love bringing that up. And you've you sent me what I thought was the coolest pint cast souvenir in your ever. Tell people what you mailed you you you mailed something to me and I opened it simply confused. But I fell in love immediately Hawaiian coconut and And and we're over on this rural island in Hawaii and and I don't WanNa say it's name because I don't want to get it out there too much. Ah I guess we'd Love Hawaii but not this way and there's this guy get area in the Post Office he inspects the coconuts. Make sure they're not carrying any decision. Coconut weeble and and I painted up the coconut and you slap stance on it and stick it right in the mailbox and offer goes just shows up in the mail wherever you'd like so yeah one day one day I'm sitting there and and A coconut with stamps. On it legitimately was not wrapped. Arrives but ahead pete the pint. Our podcast logo just painted on the side. That will about a whole lot Mike. My whole fantasy league got some of my coconuts with tracks on your it is. It is brilliant kind of my move that summer. That's that's still in my possession shirow display it proudly so you mentioned having kids and settling down and not doing the travel thing that you did so well for so long. But I'd say you settled in a pretty cool malaria. So what if you got into now wanted to get into this niche this other thing our profession. I don't know so flexible to use a physical therapy upon a lot of range of motion there in terms of your career you're doing a little bit of concierge. Pt and that's the thing that's you know fifteen years ago wasn't possible but completely possible now. Oh Yeah Yeah you know I mean you know that there's just there's so much we can do without passion whether that'd be clinically or I've always felt like if I ever got really tired but clinical stuff you know you could go to add because she got you insurance where you could do. I mean there's so many places you can go and we talked a little bit about the traveling I miss that so much just all all the different experiences that I got through that what I have settled down here in a in a pretty good situation In in in a in a fulltime job at a hospital but my wife and I started Ajax physical therapy a mobile concierge peachy practice primarily her on it but I dabble in it as well and and that's taking cash base based pt to to people who see the value in it or loan to pay for it and you know around here. There is an actual an affluent population that we thought those would be our people that we are really getting but we're finding that it's religious locals who want good. PT Want it to come to them and see value in having the right person working on. How did you When you when you hung the slate as you say how did you go about trying to find? Those people are connect or just letting them know that you know you exist and that this service is now available to them from you largely word of mouth around your won't put up a website and facebook page and did all those sorts of things which I think have driven a couple of people with the largely. It's just been people we know saying you know talking to someone and that person needs some physical therapy. I don't know where to go. Oh Hey my my friends Keaton. Jane are Therapists and they've started their own business. And why are you tried contacting. I'm not that's really where people have come from as great just shows the variety of different settings settings that you can create in our profession. You can say. Hey I'll I'm GONNA do this on the side. I got a buddy ZAC Harmon who is out in Colorado. As well kind of started the same way had a fulltime job and then went to a couple of days a week I think was his you know. He wanted to dip a toe in it and see if it was viable and eventually he saw it was and I think that's I think that's that's really great. I remember hearing about concierge. P. T. or this idea not even that long ago I was GONNA say ten years ago but it had to be less and people were were saying campy done not sustainable annable. Don't bother going into it and now you see more and more. It is one hundred percent sustainable. And I'm guessing rewarding. What do you get out of it you know in terms of the intangible rewards you know I mean the the real kind of attraction to it is that you're setting the insurance overlords? Yeah you know you're you're not really. You're not beholden to anybody but you in the patient. What the patient on from you what you have to offer them? I think it's really rewarding work. Because you're you're you're cutting out some of the control so you're able to do what people really need. I think it's a great foreign practice you know I think we've hit on a lot of benefits. Just help expletives it is an and higher really able physically therapy more going to the patient I mean we say that a lot is make sure you meet the customer. You meet the patient where they are. I mean concierge. PT housecall physical therapy. That's the living embodiment of it. So I'm glad to To see you. You're living that to flexibility ability right. I mean that's that's really what your your travel career got to teach you or give. You was this flexibility and and continuing that but you did mention that you were also working for a facility. parttime at least is it slope side. Is that legit. Yeah Yeah I've been working so coming out here for the last however many years I've been working at the hospital little and occasionally at this little clinic that we have slope side on snowmass mountain. It originally started just as urgent care and emergency side of overtime Talton outpatient practice and just a few weeks ago I moved in into their full-time so Getting a little bit more skiing on my lunch breaks and staying scheme which I love that. That's great that's cool to hear here with James Spencer on the show If you can if you want to follow him online his His socials as the kids were calling it. These days on twitter on facebook at Hobo health. Begin the Ortho sexually mentioned advocacy. We're we're actually pairing up with the Ortho sections pretty excited to talk about it. Their annual meeting annual orthopedic. Meeting Twenty twenty. Have you been to one of these before. Yeah absolutely this was coming up April third and fourth focus. This year they do pick a focus head spine shoulder disorders integration over isolation. And it's going to be mall of America Minnesota not in the food court. I asked I got excited. But it's GonNa be at the Conference Center at the mall of America When I bring that up I know you're an active member of the orthopedic? I was GONNA say Section Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Pardon me you know. What about this meeting excites you? You know when I wear probably five or six years ago. I just found it to be great programming. You know I have a hard time this point finding good continuing ed or finding something that really drives me you know I think. CSM and the conferences are top of our profession. You know you get experts talking about things but at the same time huge student enrolling fellow population there them so so sometimes. I'm just looking for more advanced content and I think I found that in McAdams annual meeting just a higher level. It pushed me to think a little bit. It was new and it was great and it was coming from from the exports in our field. Yeah when we were looking into this one I. I've never been might be palm sugar this year. It's an April in Minnesota which is a pretty good time to be a minnesota. What I liked ached about it when I started doing the research and digging big enough to be interesting to get those people in the room that you're talking about but not overwhelming in terms of not so big that you feel like like you're just roaming around and it's you know? CSM its strength is its size but also part of its weakness can be. It's is what looked into so far having not been but just what I've heard and seen is that. AOL Look Big enough to be relevant and good but not so big that you're going to get swallowed up by it The one when I went through maybe at one hundred fifty people at it. We've been having tactic hands on manipulation labs and that sort of thing and that's the type of program that they try to bring. Yeah big focus on that. I know that they're listening to their audience as they prepare these each and every year there sponsor in the show right about now but One of their big focuses when they listen to the people who've taken the course or who would like to come back again is is that we just mentioned which that hands on component. Yes so I WANNA learn. WanNa listen but they don't WanNa do. I WANNA be able to question. I want to be a feel feel and then ask a question again instead of just being a gigantic lecture hall the Entire Day so details about that I'd be a bad podcastone. Must have shared that with the Ortho. PT Dot Org details for the annual Orthopedic Meeting Twenty Twenty available there. Anything anything else. You WanNa talk about that. We can squeeze in a top of mind. It's on your on your brain. No I didn't have anything prepared but but when you say that for some reason twenty twenty keeps coming to my mind autonomous practice during during profession direct access the other points. That aren't right up front of my brain.

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