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A new study finds forty six hundred people died from hurricane maria puerto rican people need all the help in the united states because they are part of the united states jose from edison new jersey governor cuomo promised to send more volunteers to the island as he blasted the trump administration for not doing more this was a national disgrace roger stern ten ten wins along fifth avenue residents of sunset park in brooklyn scheduled a candlelight vigil in honor of those who died in the hurricane wins news time six forty three fire officials have now determined that fatal bronx fire was set intentionally a call it incendiary claimed a second fatality is well the blaze broke out yesterday around one thirty pm claimed the life of forty nine year old berta booker lived at the site of the fire department to see twenty two sixteen adams place that's in the belmont section forty four year old man who's not been identified yet also lost his life according to reports neighbors heard sounds of some sort of fight coming from the apartment when the fire broke out officials say another victim of fifty year old man is in stable condition with a foot injury funding for the gateway tunnel took some steps forward a key senate committee has okayed funds for the project involving a new tunnel under the hudson river and a new portal bridge across the hackensack river all this despite the president's opposition the senator appropriations committee approved seventy one point four billion dollar plan for the twelve months kicking off tober i like the current spending bill there's no specific allocation for gateway but instead it for some accounts the project can't tap into from here the senate and house i'll have to hammer out a single bill that includes some sort of common ground wins news time six forty four you've reached the high fashion hotline high the summer sunshine inspired our kids to have a lemonade stand but our summer style looks a little sour gets old navy old navy yup right now sweet near.

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