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One week away. Stop the buses. BOSTON SCHOOL bus drivers call for a delay to tomorrow's first day of school on parent concerns. There's not enough buses to get the kids to school, a new age, the American Academy of Pediatrics says weekly covid cases among Children. Have hit a pandemic. It's the unanimous decision. Mexico's Supreme Court rules of Ban against abortion is unconstitutional over President Biden said. To push more companies to require more employees to get a coronavirus vaccine. ABC s Elizabeth Schultz he has more, the White House says tomorrow, President Biden will unveil a new six pronged strategy to fight the delta variant of the coronavirus. And to boost vaccinations. He's expected to urge more companies to impose vaccine mandates. Recent survey from Suffolk University in the Boston Globe finds most people in Boston support vaccine mandates at work and they're backing the baker administrations. Face mask requirement for K through 12 schools running low in Idaho. Health officials in the state are warning people to stay away from high risk activities these days. Because hospital beds or can I get a premium? They say to be careful driving, bike riding or doing anything that could land you in the hospital as Northwest Idaho sees low capacity due to Covid 19. Jeremy Evans is the Covid incident commander at Kootenai Health. What we have identified and the state has recognized is that there is a limit to our resources. In some cases, hospitals are turning conference rooms into areas where extra patients can be housed. Roughly 90%.

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