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Yep awesome all right so you just got off the golf course How how'd you play Not bad for me. A shock eighty eighty two today which is usually him back ballpark. Yes i'm i'm a six handicap and A little high for me. But i played the A member here in rochester. Okay yeah. I played the championship. Course Today so i have my challenges with the russ russell little long sometimes lacking through. Yeah yeah of course looks beautiful. I never played it but it was the strength of your game putting My short game actually has been Good my drive. Drive is what hurts me. yeah i i'm a long distance. I two ways. But i mean i think has probably most players have keeping it keeping street sometimes but yeah it's I love it. I mean i. I love playing golf. I play since i was know real young and You know something. I really enjoy doing. Well you know what it is chase. And that's what we talk about on chasing birdies. I mean we're out there chasing birdies in you know you get through around a golf. You might not be playing. Well you come down to eighteen hole year two good shot and guess what you can't you're already thinking about when you come back. I mean that's golf one hundred percent. Yeah you're right. I mean thinking about eighteen today. Pretty close match with a buddy of mine out playing and it went a little right and kind of the rock in and go all the way up with an elevated eighteenth green upset at the bottom of a chip past the whole sitting on the fringe behind the whole maybe country from the whole looking downhill. He's putting to. He's about twenty feet away. he ends up three. I put mine off. The fringe hit the pin drop. It could have been better shot to win the match. So that's exactly you're right right there. I was like okay. Well when we when we playing against. That's right there. That's that's the best part about golf too. I mean do you think about it. You were one of the most elite athletes for thirteen years. And you still have the ability to play golf for the rest of your life with your children with your best friends. I mean there's very few things in this world that we can do a with three other buddies that you really enjoy and travel the world west.

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