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But I've been watching them again with my son and along with offered hitch hitch cut presents to wonderful black and white series. Only like they're all good. They're all in their inventive. And they are you don't know what. You're in for are gonna be scared. My going gonna laugh they're weird. Yeah. One of the words. A adjective, I don't like. Yeah. And I don't know if. I got to watch the rest of this to see if they have that same feel throughout the unexpected nece. I think some people watch lies zones for twist at the end. Yup. And not all of them. Or twist the twisty premise twisty. Trailer for movie came out coming out is the dead. Don't die trailer Bill Murray. This is Bill Murray. Starring and it is. Everyone's in it. Well, also group. It's not me this time. It's Bill Murray Adam driver till the Swinton Steve Shammy khloe seventy Danny clever. It's so many so many people everyone's in it. It's written and directed by Jim Jarmusch whose that he did coffee and cigarettes. Movie cigarettes coffee. Cigarettes, cigarettes and coffee office. Few jerry. I think that the boogie nights the title of the student project that's based on with cigarettes and coffee..

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