Canadian air traffic controllers send pizza to unpaid U.S. counterparts


So the government shutdown means that air traffic controllers have been forced to work without being paid. And this is kind of a cool little thing. That's happened. Now that part's not cool but air traffic controllers in major cities in Canada have begun to send pizza. Pay for pizza and send it to air traffic controllers in America. Kind of is a nice gesture of Heber with you. Well, you know, if you're not getting paid, the least you can do is just get some free food. Right. Yeah. So it started Edmund Edmonton Alberta, Canada and Alaska share airspace. They against each other. And so those air traffic controller units need to work together. So air traffic controllers in Edmonton Canada sent pizza to Alaska. And now, it's just snowballed. For instance, there is a big oil town in candidate called fort McMurray. Air traffic controllers they're sent pizza to use controllers in El Paso, Texas, because they're both oil like paying it forward, which has so far they think more than four hundred different pizza deliveries have taken place air traffic controllers from Canada, sending pizza to those

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