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Up to his eyeballs in spirits and it tops the list of America's most haunted spots. Some say that number is grossly exaggerated. The building saw many die from the disease really that's an understatement. These people were dropping like flies during the eighteen th and early nineteen hundreds. America was ravaged by a deadly disease known as White Death to Berkeley losses this terrifying and very contagious plague for which there was no cure. Claimed entire families and sometimes entire towns in One Thousand Nine Hundred Louisville Kentucky had the highest Tiburcio losses death rate in America built on a low swampy land. The area was the perfect breeding ground for disease and in one thousand, nine, hundred, ten, a house bill was constructed on a windswept hill in southern Jefferson County. That had been designed to combat the horrific disease treatment for Berkeley were sometimes as bad as the disease itself the loans were surgically implanted in the lungs and then filled with air to expand them. Needless. To say, this often had disastrous results as did operations where re ABS and muscles were removed from the patient's chest to allow the lungs to expand further and let in more oxygen. This soaked procedure was seen as the last resort and many patients did not survive it while the patients who survived both the disease and treatments left way really hills through the front doors. Many others left through what came to be known as the bodies shoot this enclosed tunnel for the dead lead from the hospital to the railroad tracks at. The, bottom of the, he'll using a motorized rail in cable system. The bodies were lowered in secret in the waiting trains. This was done. So patients would not see how many were leaving the hospital asked corpses, tales of mistreatment and human experimentation started to trickle out and nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty two was finally closed by the state after a short stint of being a geriatrics senatorial. Some of the paranormal phenomena experienced since his closure has been apparitions include timmy a little boy who likes to play with rubber balls is. On Tate, the nurse who hanged herself in room five, zero to another nurse who fail from the same rooms window and scattered screams and footsteps can all be experienced while staying there this abandoned psychiatric hospital could be the basis for the next series of Stephen King novels like nobody's business next Rolling Hills Asylum East Bethany, New York, more of a stockpile of outcast the poor the widowed, the orphaned, the handicapped, the criminal, the Hollick than insane asylum for say, the former Denise Poor House established in eighteen twenty, seven counts over seventeen hundred documented. Dance some are convinced. That's a low ball number and hundreds more were buried on the property in unmarked graves paranormal activity in the fifty three, Thousand Square foot building includes screaming slamming doors, apparitions, and most famously of Roy Krause as 7-foot-5 giant who died there in nineteen, forty two there's also something known as the shadow hallway. So named because of this shadowy apparitions that peak out from the doors or shuffle and crawl around the corridor. Yes. If you WANNA go there, you can take your chances and take one of the ghost tours. Good luck. And lastly Narran term in Vienna Austria, it's unclear. What's worse this surely Morbid history that took place in Vienna's full tower. Europe's first insane asylum built in seventeen, eighty four or its current use the anatomical pathological museum, which features more than four thousand graphic gruesome abnormalities. Full of deformed fetuses and sickening wax models of untraded S. T. D.'s there.

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