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1108 Michael and son spring AC tuna for only $49 Trash can weather together on the 8th we go to Ian Crawford now in the traffic center We start in the district now on the in the third street tunnel southbound before you get to the decision point for the southeast or southwest freeway crash activity pretty parado have any specific lane blockages but that line getting very angry and red southbound third street tunnel approaching I three 95 and I 6 95 the earlier issue we had on I three 95 westbound on the case bridge that is gone then the earlier crash we had I two 95 northbound after the suitland Parkway that now cleared from the roadway but now looking for another crash suitland Parkway near for its drilling cavity with caution for what may be in the roadways the first year spotters go looking for it In Maryland on the capitol beltway through Montgomery prince George's county everything seems to be at speed on 95 out of the Baltimore Washington Parkway new issues pending at the moment two 70 likewise plant between Frederick and lane divide across the bay bridge all travel lanes available and passable getting to and from the shore on the Chesapeake Bay bridge In Virginia bellway seems to be a decent shape 66 the work has started west boundaries you're going to see delays before 28 set of election 53 should be a single right link getting by with a lot of delays getting through this one eastbound is your delays will be right before suddenly road exit 47 that should be one of the left to get by We've got crash activity reported 7 westbound to your Sterling boulevard said to be along the right side Survey says play family feud scratch off so the Maryland lottery for a chance to win up to $50,000 instantly or great second chance cash prizes He and Crawford traffic Ian thank you now let's get your storm team four four day forecast Here's NBC four's Mike stenner A couple of showers a couple of thunderstorms are possible before midnight after midnight mostly cloudy skies We'll see some patchy drizzle and areas of.

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