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Blackout a tooth and peg in second care key make-up's, you know, some much fun as like an actress to not have to be like super attractive. Yeah. Like, you get to kind of get a little down and dirty. Yeah. You got to be kinda like gross, which seems appealing. Honestly. Takes special actress to or not to put an old age makeup on everybody still wants to look good, even if they're in an old age makeup. I would just be like make me into the most disgusting krone. I was just thinking of Tilda Swinton character spirit. She really different people. She plays. Yeah. But the old the old German gentlemen that she plays which I guess I should have assumed that all three of them were told us Winton because that's told us Whitten. But I was definitely like, oh that was very good. I thought yeah. How do prospects affect the actors ability to work twist clowns seems like a pretty good example. You can only use your eyeball moat. Yeah. You have to be a pretty damn good actor, John. I mean. Yeah. John carroll. His incredible. So are you working closely with the actors or the director in designing these sorts of pieces like twisties, for example for usability for like comfort. What's that process? Like. Well, crip comes out we have tone meeting. We have a special prosthetics meeting. We talk about how we're gonna do this easily. Why give him most of the details. The shorthand where they can just mentioned something crackly what they're talking about. So when you say long Cheney and his quantum makeup. You automatically know what kind of look is shorthand. So they kind of know what they're looking for, you know. Got an extensive memory of fashion backup, you know, be eighties. So right. So you mentioned anything what he's talking about. Then we decide you know, everybody's faces different certain people have more brow movement. So you have to remember that you can't put things too far down because wrinkles will show or they won't be able to open them out as much or they won't be able to put contacts in. But Darren criss browse. Okay. Yeah. Leave. I mean, the best the best example of tapper from horror story, right? She'd transact armed. Yeah. Can you moat through silicone a lot of people when you put a silicone on them? They tend to feel like, you know, they're wearing something on their face, which they are. That's gonna stop them from moving face. You help them go for it. Right. Sometimes you have to overeat vote because you have an extra quarter inch silicon and makes sense. Yeah. I mean that kind of goes back into the what you were saying about like admiring team is like another benefit I feel like of working with the same people over and over again that you get to like develop that shorthand, and you know, that tastes level that everybody shares. Luckily, people want to work on our show. Whatever reason. Sometimes we get to pick. You know, our friends that are at the top of their game. And we're very lucky. This year's been crazy LA is super busy right now..

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