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They'll have time before their next game and they're going to need it. Dino they play next who the Broncos are. The carnal Branca's. I'm assuming they're face a good team is in the AFC west team. It's the chiefs isn't it? They play the chiefs next, put their schedules, just absolutely brutal. You ready for it. I'm my body is ready. Let's do this their next. Let's see. Five games, chiefs. Texans chargers Steelers Bengals. I'm sorry, see that one more late way. Let's say the school that one at a time cheese sheaves which is a tough game. I'm trying. I did that. I wasn't listening. I'm doing hold up. They have a tough schedule ahead of them. So if anyone got the mixed up from, sorry, Texans, that's a tough game chargers. Another playoff. That's a Super Bowl contender. Also Steelers, that's a tough game. I'm not gonna say SuperBowl contenders Ingles another tough team. So all those teams are five hundred or better, but the only team that's five hundred is Texas. Everybody else's over. That could be five straight losses. Yes. So they needed that game last night. Why? That's that's something else their schedule. If let's just say that they do get through that tough scheduled, their last few games are very favorable. They would play the forty Niners the Browns, the raiders and the chargers their last four, which is. You could see them going three and one in that game or that stretch of the chargers you're saying? Yeah, but I mean, they have to go. They'd have to go, I think they have to go three and two of their next five games or else they're done because there are three and four it now. So if you go to and three in your next five. Five. So like like six and ten is like what we're predicting at the moment. So right now there are three and four. Let's say these next five, tough games they go to and three. They would be what? Five and seven they'd be dead like they'd be dead in the water at five and said, well, we, we gotta give him some CPR get quick. Give give give give them water to. Yeah, so they must win minimum of three games. Wouldn't you say the next five? They gotta win three. Those somehow some what's tall, tall, tall glass of water order. I don't think the water matters. Funding. You don't work on. You gotta work on these anals drink water and see what happens. You gotta work on them, drink water and see what happens. You'll shrivel up and die. Yes. So they need the waters talk glass of water older, but they drink. Key anyways. So what else do you take from last night's game? Anything you wanna talk about cardinals going nowhere fast. They like David Johnson. The damn ball outside of the tactic did give it to them around thirteen or fourteen times they turn around the handed to them, and three dudes are in the backfield tackling him before he can even look run the ball unnecessarily amount of time on the inside which he should be outside guy. They at least chest his outside ability. He's fast. Offense align is not as good as it used to be. Would you agree with me that David Johnson, look, I get it. He missed the last season without wrist injury, but we don't forget David Johnson. Right? Like you still remember, David Johnson. Like not now, but like his Howard he was, yeah. He had a wrist injury by the way, so it's not clear. His are not career any a season ending, but it's an injury that doesn't affect his like athleticism, you know, like an injury or elite or something like that. So how do you not get that guy the ball outside. How do you not get him the ball in route? I don't get it like, I just don't understand why you don't focus your offense around your best player. He's so dynamic. I mean, would you agree with me that he is athletics in the same classes early on Bill, like he's an all around running back and my right. You cut like eighty passes two years ago. Dude, we didn't forget about that. Right? Was a fantasy football monster. He was agreed clear like he's just regardless of the numbers. He's fast. He's big. He's strong like he's. I don't know. He's bigger than a lot of these other running backs and just as fast, he's impressive human wrong team. Let's be real. Just trade them..

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