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Host name yeah this is a man you wouldn't understand it's a Jersey by way speaking of big build oil let's remind me was only given a shout out to what while I was at a very very fancy place over the weekend and wall Walmart and toes on I I got was a Walmart were you ever won in Hunterdon county following them I was not in the area but I ran from the guy from the receipt you all is what we talk about a few weeks yeah yeah yeah yeah the guy asked to see you receive and what do you do as in Norton just give ya I just kept on going if you start yelled back my head you honest yes his voice answered this receipt plays I just kept going going is Sir Sir and then there was no legal right to stop PO I did during the room right heat that anyway knows this guy a Pat cut retreat and I don't know if he's listening right now but coolest dude ran into him and his backstory is that he grew up in Alabama no kidding yes hold your shock living here well that's exactly those were the fun things we ended up talking about because it could well first he stopped when he goes you look really familiar and in my head I'm thinking hi if you hate me then I don't want to admit who I am if you listen and you don't mind what I say then of course yeah but how god you never know who's gonna like want to kill you and I'm like yeah you do look familiar and so then I just told was like well I do a radio show he goes demands Gita Minsky indoor to start talking and he he came up here seven years ago from Alabama because is well his wife what I guess girlfriend at the time got him to move here and and I said what kind of culture shock was that and he was like well he's like mostly the driving she wouldn't let me drive anywhere we went for the first year she's like if we're going to get out on to this highway sometime this week you've got a let me at the wheel because you got to get used to this things move faster and he said it's such a slower pace in Alabama I believe and they talk about the people to use like people seem arrogant as like once you hear another fifteen years then you'll start to see that yeah it's just it's just how things are we're not feeling are you we just never shut up we always have an opinion on something and we get like fight endlessly and still be friends you know but anyway shallots about who's very very shot out you know when I mention this because this moved on NJ dot com you're gonna be here in about this all afternoon not long ago in Trenton now it's not going to the governor's desk yet because it's still has to go through the Senate today but the assembly did pass that vaccine religious exemption bill yes they they voted to take away the religious exemption for people who don't want to get a vaccination for their school age children the vote was forty five to twenty four they say that there were hundreds of people standing outside the state house and they were just screaming and chanting kill the bill we won't stop you could hear this all down State Street and there were even people up in the gallery inside and there were number protesters screaming we will not comply all right fine then take your kids out of public school home school or send him to a private school and most private schools required to well exactly you know what might might might littlest one about my my two year old he goes just for the social aspect he goes to trial time like two mornings a week and we got a reminder notice that he's got to have his flu shot he's got to have this flu vaccine if he wants to go there past December thirty first and it's got to be in by December thirty first or else he's not allowed you know it's a pre school I think you know I mean there are certainly people that don't even believe in flu shots a lot of people think that the flu is going to give you the flu which it won't and and the way this was in New Jersey now anybody who cares about this you already know what I'm about to say for quite awhile now they were allowing the religious exemption to be simply whatever the parents said you just say it's against my religion and I was like no questions asked and they found that the number of people went from like one thousand something to suddenly like a few years later thirteen thousand something so people were simply abusing it if they were against it for philosophical reasons it didn't actually have a damn thing to do with religion and now of course they're all gonna scream and you know I mean I hear it all the time people talking about you know getting in the way between your between your child and and and the parents well no there's simply saying if you're going to attend public school and the interest of herd immunity and in the interest of stopping thing like these measles outbreaks which by the way killed a hundred thousand people worldwide last year our rating people die over crap like this and could squawk all you want about the government clamping down on your rights but I'm sorry they actually allow you I think was back in two thousand eight they allowed you to claim these religious exemptions and you anti vaccine ended up **** yourselves because you will be used you're the guys who brought this about because too many of you went off the rails and and then people say oh it's not about anti vectors of course it's about anti back just that's why the measles outbreak started so much because the vaccine rate was going down and then these outbreaks were going up and doesn't take a genius to figure that out then I've heard people say oh well you know it's proof that vaccines hurt people because there's that vaccine compensation fund yeah there's a vaccine courtroom mention for years right exactly okay yeah in an ambulance could once run somebody over an innocent person on the way to the hospital that need to get rid of all ambulances now and the fact is vaccines save it old land slide form more lives than we have ever ever taken tens of millions of lives have been saved by vaccines right and so you know it's just an anti VAX or issue the people not wanna pretend is not an anti backs or issue and frankly I'm glad that they did it this time that they did this because it was simply being abuse now again it past against all the hysteria and now it's going to be on to the Senate later on today and once that's done then it's going to go to the governor's desk and they say that the law would take effect six months after he would sign it and Jersey would be if this does go through today New Jersey would be the sixth state to pass such a law basically because the anti vaccine movement is out of control so there you go all right our phone number is one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five coming up we have to get Joe in here because my theory on what we're about to talk about was that nobody really actually does this and I found out already we work with the guy who does this there's a story out that three out of ten Americans we'll drunk shop will shop when they're drunk no most of this is online yeah that's right so that your in your home right yes turns out Jones is not a really driver though the other driver but we're gonna himself this debris yeah because I was like you know I want to talk about this but I don't really know if this is a real thing if this is like one of these made up things but they claim three out of every ten people we'll do drunk shopping usually online and sometimes it works out fine but other times because you're drunk you're getting the size is wrong you're buying the stupidest crap that you would never normally by so when we come back we're gonna talk about this and we want to know did you ever drunk shop in any form whatsoever did you ever drunk shop one eight hundred two eight three one one point five at three eighteen New Jersey fast traffic the garden state parkway north and exiting off at one thirty six in Cranford a stall on that ramp Parker is more delays farther north at one.

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