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Com. All right because gun talk. About twelve guns ammo opted. Store gun safe out to be a responsible gun over how to shoot well how to yes defend yourself with a firearm which means gun fighting? You know. Term Gun fighting gun is really. Fight. Is the operative word? We'll talk a bit about that in about thirty minutes. We'll be talking with an expert about what was. What should you do if you get into the middle of one of these protests? The drive along somehow you ended up in the middle one of these things people are beaten on your car and trying to smash out your windows. What do you do? How do you go about it? What's the deal? Talk to a real pro about that. We have a lot of other very interesting things going on today. We're GONNA. Be talking about a new APP. It's going to help you perhaps. not, run, a foul of the law as you carry your pocket knife. From state to state. Yeah, no sounds crazy, but. It happens when people get arrested for having a pocket knife of all things. And then we got this crazy story. How gun control groups are invading PTA meetings. Yes. PTA Parent Teacher Association. GOINT. When parents come through these PTA meetings, there's spokesperson there from the MOMS demand. Action. Pretending that they're not. And they're handing out goofy. Little gun locks don't really work. And they're saying with the gun. Fifty people. And then what was really interesting in this one? I'm reading this article. They spokesperson says well. Yes, this actually this. Or they call it the beast smart to program. It was actually created by the MOMS demand action. Bloomberg created gun ban group. But, also we're working in conjunction with. The National Sport Shooting Foundation. Got It wrong. It's national shooting. Sports Foundation which. Would, I saw that wait what since? I sit on the governing board of the national. Shooting Sports Foundation and of course no NSF is not partnering. With the moms demand action or every town for gun, safety or any of the Bloomberg gun ban groups of course not. It was a lie. But what was interesting? Was the messaging. To parents. And what they did at these meetings. At its core, the messaging is how do we shame gun owners? Well We, ask them. Do! You have guns in your house. When our kids may be going over to play at their house. How do you store your guns? And they actually had them practice with each other doing this. Cost play. And they're actually practicing asking each other. Do you have guns? How do you store your guns as though you would have any idea that's safe? This is what's going on. It's going on. It places that you are simply not aware. This is what happens when you have. Billions of dollars to pour into gun, control and gun confiscation gun bans. When you have Bloomberg, it says yeah, here's a hundred Oh. Yeah, here's another one hundred here. Here's another hundred million. And then hire quite frankly some very smart people. And you turn them loose. And they say we will infiltrate the schools. We will be talking to the mothers. We won't be putting programs in the schools to that. Go before the children. To make them understand. That, they need to be frightened of guns. Not Educated about frightened of them, and they really shouldn't hang around with the kids from families who own guns. Gun Shaming. Why would you expect any different? We've got the whole deal going on. Right now and we have. Oh my gosh. The. I. Don't even say protests the riots. The riots going on. In Minneapolis the city council voted unanimously to disband. Not The fun. Disband the police department. But then immediately several of the council members. Hired private firms to do personal security for them using taxpayer dollars, so let's see we get rid of the police who were there to protect everyone and of course city council members, and then immediately because they said well, we've been threatened. Now we're going to hire private security. And let you the taxpayers. Pay For it. Why we're telling you. You can't have police protection anymore. We're doing away with the police. You're utterly. On Your own. But I'm special you see because. I'm on the city council. Understand that I'm important, so I will use your money to protect me, but I'll still hold onto your money all the taxes you paid. Oh, yeah! We're not giving it back to you. We're going to defend the police. We're going to disband the police. We're GONNA keep your money and we're gonNA use that money for me, personally have. Private Security. I think. People are getting to the point where they're gonNA have had. Quite enough. Of this whole thing. Have you reached that point yet. Numbers eight six six tall gun. Let's go talk to Joe. Line four out of St Port Louisiana Hello Joe. What's on your mind, sir? With these great ammo price, we had the last couple of years I really much shooting, but now we're trending back for their almost double. What my? Path so much shooting is getting ready to take a serious brock. And I'm curious. What drills are you? GonNa do with one hundred grounds or two hundred. Eight how're you remember? Yeah. That's a great question. I mean. Here's the deal. ammo is much more expensive. It's fifty percent more if not one hundred percent more than it was six months ago. And harder to get so I I. Get your point. I go back to her back when I was learning to play golf, I was a serious golfer for a while. I don't do that very much anymore. But I remember. The pros and the instructors saying something that really stuck with me. They said never hit a practice shot. That, you don't have a plan for that. There's a reason for hitting that very shot where you get over the ball. What are you trying to do? What are you trying to accomplish with this practice shut? Why don't we apply that to our shooting and rather than go on out there and. May, Be Bank. How about drawn Shit one shot. Or draw and shoot two shots. What am I working on? Am I working hard? Focus on the front sight. Am I working on the trigger press? Maybe swapping out making sure you get a dozen rounds and doing some ball and dummy drills where you're mixing the dummy rounds in with their loaded around and that way when it goes, Click, if that multiple dip slow and right are low in left when you're right handed. That you know that you are flinching. I think Joe. The drill is to simply have a plan for every single shot.

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