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Got me a car service to go down to PTI and come back. I left PTI at a right around six o'clock, and it was snowing, but it was thirty eight degrees. And there was no acute. I don't mean. A little. There was no accumulation on Connecticut avenue, Nebraska avenue. Now, I'm having it's almost as they prepared and put down a Brian solution. Engine that they did that. However, there was a certain amount of lupton's to do that. Because rain was going to be ahead of the snow. And if you put that solution to early super wash wet just support. When they underperformed I'm happy when they get it wrong to my benefit. They got a wrong. I will say this in their defense that round was so cold that it did not this morning plow clean the five with her. Turn to ice was ice here that just a regular snow day. Yes. But but the panic of the commute did not materialize. And they tried to make us feel crazy said I'm happy when it under face. Try hard shifted their forecast. They went from one to three down to a dusting to potentially two. And yes, this was to get you off the roads. But you're looking at temperature and road conditions downtown where you have heat build up from all of the people in there. There was a period of some two to four prognostication which they backed off you know, what I hope you drive downtown. And I hope you get stuck in a snow squall. Deafening. That benefit anybody make for some good podcasting tomorrow. I guess also let me say that we are here today and tomorrow, we're not here Friday, that's just taking the day off. But I think maybe the Super Bowl Sunday cla maybe I would show up our two before the game not gonna stay 'cause Because I don't. I don't think it'd be a good Super Bowl mango. Tony guys be open for the Super Bowl. It's going to be forty five degrees. I'm just wondering. Yeah. Yes. I think so we're not open this morning. But we'll be a world all day. We're open at the regular world eleven AM. Right. Yeah..

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