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To games we did last week the start by the patriots against the Los Angeles chargers. Cut off at the knees, right, basically took their heart in the first quarter of what they were able to do authencity. If I looked at the AFC championship game later on tonight out in Kansas City. I think it's more important for the chiefs to get off to a good start tonight than it is the New England Patriots not that the pats can fall behind fourteen and there are starts. And then there are tidal waves last week against the chargers was an absolute tidal wave game seven at the half. My point is is that I didn't Kansas City with the with the aura of New England with there being Belichick and Brady with everyone knowing that Andy Reid noses failures in these championship games in the NFC. And and now in Kansas City in the past. I think it's imperative for Kansas City to get off to a good start tonight. In the AFC title game. If I'm going to say who's more important to get off to a to a solid start gain a foothold in the game. I'd probably say, it's Kansas City more. So than New England. These if the patriots do then all of a sudden crowd starts to get a little nervous. Here we go again with the Andy Reid stuff. Maybe they start to press a little bit. And do something their stuff outside their comfort zone for New England. Even if they get off to a sluggish start. I think they have the belief that they will be there at the end of the day. I agree too. I think it's more important for Kansas City to get a fast starting to jump in this game to Bill Calvin the get the home crowd into it and the left and believe in have the confidence doesn't matter. If it's the patriots. It doesn't matter about their legacy matters about this game right now. And that's why having this game in Kansas City is huge for them in their confidence in the way that they've played at home. And the fact that they're staring down a quarterback coach Tom Brady and Bill Belgium. All right. If I look at that chiefs defense, we'll get the keys and deals keys for the patriots and the chiefs, respectively if I look at that chiefs defense what they were able to do last week. Yes, you brought up a great factor. Earlier on in the show. David Whitney mentioned experience the experience of Kansas City. The inexperience of Smith and Nelson and some of those guys along Ryan Kelly along that colts offensive line. Now what we saw last week from Sutton's defense is that real translates. The today's game. I know the opponent is different. Obviously Indianapolis in New England. Chiefs defense was very bad. There were lights out this last game. This season. They were very now. Did they turn a corner last week? Do you think that that's something that they all of a sudden found it was based on opponent? Was it the fact that that team got tired of hearing about how great that cultural offensive line was what about what that chiefs defense did a week ago whether or not it translates tonight against doing I think it definitely they they had enough of everybody badmouthing them as a team saying this this chiefs team would be great. If it wasn't for the defense. If it wasn't for the defense, and I think up front, especially when you look at the way Chris Jones has played not only this last game. But this entire season Ellen Bailey. Played much better than that. One. Had Justin Houston deformed coming off at the edges. I think that that's something that they can do in this football game. Because we've seen the patriots offensive line struggle in times of adversity like we saw in Pittsburgh. So I think that is definitely something that can take place and that is a huge factor. When you look back at that last game in New England. And when you look at this game Kansas City was able to get after Tom. Tom Brady, they were able to get sex on them and Justin Houston did not play in that game. He is up and healthy in this one. I think he's going to be a factor in this game. And I'm with you on this one. I'm picking Kansas City. We got our basically, I'm the same way. And it's tough. It's tough for me to pick up against the New England Patriots because I've played up against him in the playoffs. I know what they're capable of. I've seen their team play the way that they're capable of like they did last week and come out storming offense. I just think that this is a different team. This is a different Kansas City Chiefs team, and the fact that they're playing at home with confidence and they're healthy on the offensive side of the ball. I think that's where I give them the edge. And I would look at it's easy to say we're going to get pressure on Brady pressure Brady and and much easier said than done, no doubt because he gets rid of the ball. So damn fast. The ball is out of his hands. He knows where he wants to go. And whether it be white who every playoff season comes around, and is an absolute monster catching the ball coming out of the backfield or. Whether it be Julian element is able to get rid of it. They didn't push the ball down the field against the Los Angeles chargers. But they were so officiant in the throwing game. How can Kansas City you mentioned Houston? They're healthier defensive front. How can Kansas City get pressure on Brady knowing that Brady's gonna get the ball out of his hands as quickly as you think about the key of how we're able to win was a pressure. You should go back to the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots. The final game on the final play that closed. It out was grumble Brandon Graham wind up as a three technique over the guard winning and coming away with the sack forced fumble. Those are things that you can see with this defensively that Chris Jones has played the way that Bailey is played. They're going to be able to press and push the pocket into the lap of Tom Brady and start getting those hits on them. That's where I feel that. It's going to be won and lost. And one Brady starts to feel those hits. You see him? Start to throw off the time in Russia's throws starting Yellen Elena's offense of lying. All right. Let's look at some deal keys here, you we both are. On the chiefs this afternoon the championship game to get themselves to Super Bowl. Let's start there. There the home team. They are the favourite. What is Kansas City need to do today in order to get themselves to super Sunday? I think offensively Kelsey is going to be a huge part of this lineup. You know when you look at the New England Patriots defense. They've struggled up against very good tight ends closing that gap because he systematically have van noy versus a healthy. That's a win for the Kansas City Chiefs. So I think that he has to play a primary part of what they do offensively to open up things in the run game. And for those shots down field for tyreek hill and last. But not least defensively they have half to make sure that they do not give up yards after contact in the passing game. Like, we see Ataman weakened weak outdo defensively. They're going to have to come up with sure. Tackles on the outside another secondary. All right. So there. Okay. So what about from a patriot perspective, we know how well they played last week against the chargers. They're go on the road. Everyone. And they're buying into the idea of us against the world. Nobody believes we can win. We staying bet against us all that stuff. But matchup wise. What is New England needs to do today to go into Arrowhead and pull off the win offensively control the time of possession and control the line of scrimmage by actively running the football. Keep the Patrick Mahomes in this offense off the field. Keep them on the sidelines. And we're down their biggest negative the defensive side of the ball. And then for the patriots defense. They're going to have to find ways to get pressure on Patrick Mahomes and keep them in that pocket because if they don't they let him escape with his legs, and they don't have somebody out there. That's where he's going to do some serious damage to this when he escapes, he's not escaping, Iran. He's scaping pathways escaping to throw the ball down the field, and he will do stuff that normal quarterbacks can't do because of his arm strength. He will throw he will throw across his body across the field. Hit guys wide open. Throw the ball down the field this. I Don sidearm. The sun on throw to Kelsey last week where he where he led him in the play through it to him. He threw sidearm underneath a linebacker and led Kelsey to where you had to be when you see plays like that out of Patrick Mahomes plays. He had this year, you sit there, and you're like there's not many quarterbacks in the NFL in NFL history that can make that type of throw at that type of arm. He's had about eleven of them this season. I think he's the most physically gifted it's not it's not some some bold statement. But he's the most physically gifted quarterback that in the National Football League. I agree. I mean, I don't think then Rogers was there. I think he's surpassed our Rogers because he does stuff that entourage has done. I mean, just the ability to scramble role to your left and throat. You're right on a Dr other quarterbacks don't have either number one the confidence to do it. But to the armed strength to be able to pull it off and get it and get the ball there. Where does it end up being interception or batted away? He puts it right on the numbers the throat a hill last week against the colts was a thing of beauty because it was on is an absolute Seaton's on a line. Absolutely. Now. I look at you play keep away does Bella check going into the game have a number of mind where he would like that time of possession to be in order for this team to be successful. Because you know, he thinks about anything and everything. And I get you have to score touchdowns can't score field goals but in order to play keep away protect his defense a little bit don't allow Mahomes and minimize possessions. Is there a number you think Bella check feels his team needs to be at in order to win. The game is at thirty five minutes is at thirty six minutes. Thirty one is their number you guess thirty five minutes thirty five minutes. Yeah. You think if he's at thirty five bell check believes that they can what they're going to win this game. I mean when you look back and you look at this chargers game thirty eight to twenty one. Yeah. Says a lot. So that's a lot. If you can keep Patrick Mahomes off the field. That's a key win for your football team. Think about our opening drive in the two thousand and seven Super Bowl forty two. We're gonna dry for almost ten minutes. Yeah. All whole goal and objective was to control the ground game. Get our foundation going for this football game. And to keep Tom Brady. And that offense off the field. That was the whole goal whole goal and objective. And you guys were able to do that set that tone early on in their early on eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six looks at out to Rockville centre. It's Joe what's going on. Joe? Hey, what's up guys? On fluctuating a lot. I think down fifty four backups. Fifty six. Week. I think it's historically so older. Both these teams top five best yards per game. Tops in pass attempts per game on Susan that's kind of over the top and still try to and I could see that happening again here with Mahomes. Kency lightning-fast, I mean, I think all that movement was due to the concerned up of weather, but twenty one degrees is beautiful NFL playoff weather to make. So are they? Taking the over in Kansas City in New England. Yeah. Yeah. I I would agree. I mean, we're doing odd from the the action network earlier on the program he likes the over it start at fifty nine and a half or fifty nine dropped to fifty four and a half. With temperatures were supposed to be at one point of the game, well below zero it's no longer going to be that the temperatures are going to be in the low twenty s still going to be cold. It's just not going to be as frigid. And I think you're going to get points in the AFC title. What's the over at right now fifty four and a half, I'm gonna go under the don't think it's going to be that much really based on just based upon the match up to defenses plan selling out playing chess game, two head coaches. I don't think it's going to be over. That would probably I think that the chiefs defense we'll play better than it did earlier in the match up. They're not gonna give up forty three points. But I also don't think they're going to be as good as they were last week against Indianapolis. Yeah. So therefore, I think your points, I think is going to score. And I think Kansas.

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