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Right and Annette's you'd made a comment to the effect a little steam punkish to you and I and I thought that was interesting. Because I'm wondering. You know the whole concept of doolittle it's like it's almost like the invention of steam punk. It's like that whole background concept of it's like an early steam punk nodding but it's almost like it was like like pre Stephen the originator of the steam punk that. Yeah you know it. They really didn't show any more of it. Once you got outside of doolittle's house So I wonder if it was intended to show that he was an innovator above and beyond a renaissance man of his time with all these inventions. But you did see a little bit of it on the water lily. The ship that That he sets off on his voyage with but none of it outside society so but yet did feel steamed punkish there was a series on net flicks a little while back the Lebanese thicket series of unfortunate events. I didn't like it. I didn't watch more than the first episode or two because I if you know the books I nothing goes right for these children and I just I don't want to entertain myself by watching advice. Fraud a shoddy Freud but The the production values the the lighting the way the characters are presented all felt very similar to Lebanese snick. It and there's a lot of steam punk element in the SNICK series too. I remember seeing that one. Come out that. I didn't look interesting to me so I didn't didn't follow it. Well before we get into a theme discussion. We of course need to mention the music and Danny. Alvin is actually a composer that I really like. I very rarely mentioned him. He doesn't do a ton of movies that we review but he has done a few and I usually like his his scores. This one is. I guess what you would call symphonic cycle which really fits the nature of the movie. I'll just play a little bit of it right here so you can hear what it sounds like. Okay now. This movie also is one of those rare movies. At least I guess it's not as rare as I'd like it to be but it ends with a song in the credits and this one was an original song called original by Sia and Well it was made for the movie but I guess that makes it original the thing that I don't like about. Sia and I have a couple of her songs in my more eclectic collection of music. But the thing I don't like about her is that you can never understand her. She Florida so if you want to know what the words to the song and the credits are you couldn't go have to go. Look it up on Youtube and watch it with lyrics because you can't understand her she i. I honestly don't think I ever heard or recognized. A C- a Sung before the end credit song and even coming out. I wouldn't have been able to tell you who. Co was now. Did you notice before we that there was a scene in the middle of the credits? Did you leave when the credits? Okay yeah with the cave. Yeah about half. The theater got up and left when the credit started. And I'm like I always stay for the credits and was got to be rewarded so I was history to be to not leave. Yeah now I didn't stay all the way the end so maybe there was something at the end that I didn't see what we say. Yeah I get dirty looks from the theater staff already so from now on. There will be spoilers though. I can't imagine that watching a children's movie that he'd be too concerned about spoilers. But here there be spoilers. Yep My name is Andy Olsen and I wanNA tell you about echoes Radio Echo. Radio is a podcast outreach of ECHO ZOE ministries every month. I find a knowledgeable guest to talk about an important and interesting topic that affects the church. Today we carefully balanced discussions of positive dot glorifying doctrines Orthodox Christianity from a mostly reformed point of view with exposes of heresy. False teaching and practice. That goes on throughout the church. Today you can find us at ECHO DOT com. That's E. C. H. O. Z. O. E. DOT COM. Now the first thing that I wanted to discuss and I think this is probably a very small part of the movie but it was a very big deal for me. I think it came because the sermon that I heard right after seeing the movie brought this this matter up and I would have just seen the movie and I was like that was in the movie and I didn't even notice it until now and it's respecting authority and in particular is respecting a authority. Figure who is I? Guess in in a great deal of authority over you who's been gracious to you in in a certain amount away in story that's in this movie. Do little is living on a piece of property that was gifted to him by the Queen because he had done a great service for her right and after his wife passed away. Actually she went on an adventure and never came back He closed up the gates and basically locked the world away and he was just living with his animals in this Beautiful piece of property with a mansion and all that kind of stuff and this lady in waiting comes and tells him that he has been summoned by the Queen to Buckingham Palace and he basically just snubs it. He doesn't he's not interested in seeing the queen he's not he's not interested in seeing anybody but particularly the Queen and I came out of that thinking. It's very interesting that he he's living on the queen's largest basically she gifted him this property and and he's just doesn't have any respect for her authority over him at all he just blows her off and when he finds out that she's ill he couldn't care less and tell they bring up the matter that if he doesn't if she dies he loses his property and that's about the only time he cares about it and then right after that we had a sermon in my church about having the proper offer. God and dealing with him on on the angle that how much God given us. How much is he has graced us with you? Know the the gift of salvation and we'RE LIVING ON HIS GRACE. And how do we react to him when he calls us to do things and I think especially here in the West? We've gotten so comfortable in our faith. That is so easy to say not right now. God I'm busy. Now that's inconvenient. That's outside my comfort zone all of our responses that we have when God tells us to do something and really came home. It's such a small part of this movie but it really hit home to me that we don't have the proper offer God anymore. I mean it's like you. You GO TO CHURCH VIRTUE. You go to church and you and it's more like a almost like a a fellowship of well it is a fellowship of believers but it's almost like a country club you know like you go there to meet your friends and where is the offer. God you know we're going to worship the worship behind and and focusing fellowship right right and what came to mind Was this passage in Hebrews. I'm actually GonNa Start Memorizing Book of Hebrews. I think I don't know how far I'll get in it but there's some really good stuff in Hebrews but this is from Hebrews twelve twenty eight th through twenty nine therefore since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Let us hold onto grace by it. We may serve God acceptably with reverence and all for God is a consuming fire. And I don't know I just to me. It's like that almost talks about you. Know because doolittle had received a kingdom basically from the Queen and then he wasn't serving her he he had locked her out of his life and he didn't want to be called upon he didn't want to answer a summons and that's what we've received kingdom from God that cannot be shaken and we need to approach God with the proper reverence an all because of the gifts that he's given us and because he is do that praised that all on that reverence. And how often do we give it? Not Enough Not Enough. Yes it at the opening of the movie Do Little has. Because of the loss of his wife the death of his wife he has retreated to a fearful child-like state Where he refuses to interact with anybody but animals And I feel like there was a missing excellent exclamation of of why but it was easy to accept that he had but even once he went to once he fulfilled the The summons and he appeared in the Queen's bedroom where she lay you find out later suffering the effects of rare fantasy poison. Yeah he does not comport himself with the the proper respect and all that you know that you should you think of Samuel when he has the vision where You know he sees all of the angels gathered around a massive massive cod. A guy that That is huge in an image and in presence his I ought is a dead man. I'm not righteous enough to be here job you know God says hey can you take the Leviathan home as a pet? I don't think so. Yeah and we. We just don't have that sense of of all with God anymore in our community group. Were starting a new series on spiritual warfare and I made the comment. I am a skeptic when it comes to hearing a miracle and not biblical miracles because if it's in the Bible it happened period right. Yeah but when somebody says you know God raised my daughter from the dead and Modern Day or God healed me of my of my my. My immediate thought is well. I don't think God does miracles any Mars. Matter of fact we had this discussion on Our Harriet Discussion I tend towards plausible. Non Supernatural explanations. I willing to accept that God could have done it but wanting something more to go on you know. Yeah and if you want more on that kind of a discussion I do recommend you. Check out the theology throwdown discussion episode three of the Christian podcasts Communities Theology throwdown in which I had defended when we had the Harry episode I had defended the belief that God could work miracles and people's lives and I kinda got set straight. It wasn't in a bad way because I'm not willing to die down that hill but one of the things that I guess I've always felt like is the God can work miracles in our lives. But it doesn't necessarily need to be a miracle that you then use as a means to like convince other people of things as it's a personal thing and it can end it may not be a miracle to someone else. It just may be God's way of of working in your life and one of the things that was brought up in our theology throwdown is that people misuse that They'll say God told me to tell you this. You know this revelation that makes you more righteous than someone else. Because God's is speaking to you and not speaking to someone else and particularly people of the Prosperity Gospel of right exactly and that's where it can get used wrong and so you can't discount anybody's experience with God but at the same time if it isn't biblical if if it isn't something you can point scripture then God is not saying to someone else through you because the only way God speaks to people is through his scripture and so the miracles and the and the prophecies and all that kind of stuff are you know God may be speaking to you but you cannot use that beyond what he's telling you personally and not try to turn it into extra revelation that is not in scripture. So I can see the damage that that can do and I understand the points that were made so I am now forced to agree with you on this topic. And you know as we're joined appointing out in the ANJELICA circles. The title of profit is not somebody who foretells the future. A prophet is somebody who speaks to a people for God right. He speaks God's words to a specific people. Modern Day profit. The only words they should be speaking are the ones from scripture because that's accurate relation to us to save sleeping extra revelation beyond scripture then. They are speaking prophecy. And that's where we should be finding our all. That's why we should be it. We should be finding the all that job feels. We should be finding the all that Isaiah feels that Alisha feels you know. Yeah and there will be a time God willing very soon where we will see. Miraculously world altering events too but by that may be too late for some people. That's what we go back to Hebrews one which I was I've been working on like I said I just started trying to memorize Hebrews in this passage is just so rich. It's right from the beginning of Hebrews one long ago God spoke to the Fathers by the prophets different times and in different ways in these last days. He has spoken to us by his son. God is appointed him. Heir of all things made the universe through him. The Sun is the radiance of God's glory and the exact expression of his nature sustaining all things by his powerful word and after making purification for sins..

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